Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2016 - Results

I want to personally thank all those who participated in the Hobby Progress Challenge this year and in all past years. It's awesome to see a community come together and build something so fun and inspiring. Now, I'd like to go through and recognize all those who made great progress this year (in alphabetical order). Note that if a participant didn't provide group army photos, I couldn't include them here.

Some of the screen names are linked to their progress threads. Be sure to check those out to see the miniatures in detail. Many other armies are not posted here simply because the users didn't provide group photos. Check out the HPC section of the forums for more great photos.

AlusCWM created a massive and gorgeous Mechanicus army.

bentobox722's Tau army can barely fit in the frame of this photo. It's a real achievement and likely looks incredible on the battlefield.

Berman's used 2016 to take care of several different armies. This is a great way to conquer hobby burn-out. Well done, Berman!

blockade23 had a lot on his plate, but he crushed it. I' sure he will crush his enemies as well! Blockade23 also provided a cool background story for his Crimson Consuls as part of the challenge.

Capnpetey's Dark Eldar love to give hugs. Spiky, stabby hugs.

DanRiverBrew is a usual suspect over at the ICs forums and his progress this year was unbelievable. Congratulations, John!

DaveB decided to paint a Horus Heresy army featuring the only "good guys" in the entire IP. He also did an entire Questoris Knights army because reasons. Some quality work here! DaveB wrote a badass narrative that depicted his dreadnoughts kicking traitor butt.

I love EverRaven's take on their Dark Angels force. The narrative EverRaven supplied along with their Sons of Orleans provided a rare first-person perspective to the 40k universe.

FrazUK put a load of effort into getting their Sons of Horus battlefield-ready among other things. Check out their thread to see all the great stuff. Well done!

Goraim's Novokh Dynasty is a unique Necron scheme. I love it when folks take a chance on a scheme and it works out so well. Excellent work!

GrinnialVex never fails to impress us with his incredible skill and dedication. Thanks for sharing your work with us and being such a great community member. Check out his website for some incredible photos.

Malahat Mike's Ca(na)dian armored assault force is quite the inspiration for tread heads everywhere. It's even more impressive in person.

Mexicanswarmlord put together a proper force of green-wing Dark Angels for their challenge. Great to see an army like this since they are so rare these days. Awesome.

The White Scars and the Ultramarines have teamed up to fight the enemies of the Imperium in Mills' army. I love that they actually decided to paint the units in the appropriate scheme for those armies rather than forcing their opponent to guess which chapter tactics they're using. Very conscientious of you, Mills!

It can't be a Hobby Progress Challenge without Ministerofpork's contributions. This year with even more heresy!

pablothegreat is another member who's been around the block a few times. His work is always outstanding and I'm always glad to see him working on a new project. These Necrons are incredible.

PlagueMarine has divided their time between two armies this year. They put some great effort into both of these factions and you should visit the forums to get a closer look at the models.

Paint all the red with gold trim was the name of the game for screamingbadgers this year and they crushed it. 

Snakins made great time painting their Word Bearers for 2016. 

spacemarineseb has a very unique scheme for their Necrons and I'm always glad to see a new addition to this army shared in the forums.

victorpofa is a true hobby hero. He consistently contributes to the ICs community and participates in the challenges. This year, he was able to achieve gold status in the HPC with Uggrub Mazog's Goff mob!  He completed not only the painting challenges, but crafted a very well-written and detailed history of his mob.

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