Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Imperial Knights - Building, Basing, and Basecoats

So, I've started an Imperial Knights army. I picked up some Forge World knights from my trip to England back in the spring. I did some trading and also used some Best Painted tournament winnings to buy some regular GW knights.

I am still crafting the narrative for my knights army in my mind, but I do know I want to use the Black Knights scheme I used for the Grey Knights commission I did a couple of years ago. The scheme is based off of Maleficent from Snow White.

Here's the building process.

Some people say these knight poses are easy. Some say they are hard. I found them rather challenging, but worth the effort.

I used 2 cans of Rust-oleum Universal Metallic Paint + Primer Flat Soft Iron for the basecoat.

Then, I drybrushed everything with Leadbelcher and Ironbreaker.

The bases are random bits, rocky pebbles you get from the aquarium section of the store, and also sprue that has been ground up in a manual meatgrinder to simulate rubble. I also ground up some bitz to add to the mix. Then, I added sand flock to the base.

I also picked up some shield and damage markers from Mechanical Warhorse which I incorporated into the bases.

Some panels painted tonight...

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