Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Supa Kustom Forcefield Tower and Kill Bursta

We're reaching the end of the Ork projects now. The army is at 20,376 points of painted models. This year's progress is 46 kits painted to 18 kits purchased. All I have left to do is a couple of Chaos Spawn for my DOrks made from a couple of Warhammer Fantasy squigs.  The end is nigh. I do have a squad of Killa Kans as well, but that is going in my "back burner" pile.

This Kill Bursta is made from a Land Raider I rescued from my friend. It would never be a Space Marine Land Raider again, but it had great prospects as an Ork vehicle. I used one of the spare engines from the Thunderhawk Transporter for the gun and real copper pipe for the exhaust. The exhaust needs a little more weathering attention, but we can do that another time.

A size comparison with the proper Kill Blasta. I also improved the highlights on the Kill Blasta while working with these new models.

The Supa Kustom Forcefield Tower is made from a Hot Wheels toy, computer parts, and other bitz.

These fortifications used to be a more purplish blue and red. I added the new blue as a highlight over the others and replaced the red with yellow to match the new scheme.

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