Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Last of the Infantry - Kommandos and Freebooterz

I have finished all the Ork infantry models left in the house. Some of these models are entirely new squads (one of Freebooter Boyz and another of Blood Axe Kommandos), while many of the others are meant to be added to much older squads. Unfortunately, the difference in time between these new additions to the units and the older ones means the schemes look quite different, I'm pleased to have them fleshed out.

2016's painted kit to purchased kit ratio is now 36:25. The Ork collection is now up to 19,916 points of painted models. I only have one Daemon Ork project, 1 Fortification, and a few odds and ends to clean up before I'll be ready for the big photoshoot. Excitement!

The Freebooter Kaptin the WAAGH! deals with regularly.

One of Krakbone's Warp'eads.

A Blood Axe Kaptin subcontracted by Goldtoof.

I've always wanted one of these models. In the story, he will be one of Krakbone's enforcers, better described as his chief head-thumper.

Godltoof's Boyz, a rambunctious group of Freebooterz.

I love this model.

Some Mekboyz.

Hume Nob Jodan. He's got a nasty facial scar, but he's still a respected leader among the Diggaz.

Some squigs.

Additional Kommandos for an existing squad.

More Kommandos for the "Sista Bea" squad of Orks disguised as Sisters of Battle.

Additional Tankbustas for a unit.

Blood Axe Kommandos with their Kaptin in the back.

Boss Axefist doesn't carry his own Bosspole so as to avoid being shot at. Whenever his Bossproxy is killed, another takes his place.