Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rogue Trader Shoota Boyz

With the new management of the WAAGH! has come a new breed of Boyz to the Ork bastion world of Ghorok. There are more than enough spoils of war to go around for everybody, and the forces of Krakbone are extremely well-equipped. Grimboss Duffgob and his Boyz are prime examples of the new order of things. They have donned armour scrapped together from destroyed Imperial tanks and Space Marine power armour. They also carry dead shooty weapons with twice the rate of fire of the regular slugga. In addition, few mobs get about without some kind of conveyance and Duffgob's boyz have their choice of either a pair of rickety (but wicked zoomy) Trukks or a single, golden Battlewagon (when they can steal it from the Flash Gitz). 

~ * ~

I fell in love with these Shoota Boy models at Adepticon a couple of years ago and I am very glad to have them painted up. I feel like Ralph Bakshi designed this unit. I still have several old Slugga Boyz who will soon be added to my ranks of Kommandos and am looking forward to that project.

2016's painted kit to purchased kit ratio is now 36:25.  The Ork collection is now up to 18,572 points of painted models.

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