Monday, June 13, 2016

FaT Mat Zone Mortalis Board

My Zone Mortalis board is built and base sprayed. I'll do some more walls and details maybe next week. Thanks again to Warboss Doug for donating the mats to our campaign.



Friday, June 3, 2016

The Forges of Ghorok Campaign: Scenario 4 - The Lifts

The Mission

Most of the Blood Ravens and Mechanicus forces are engaged in fighting throughout the Manufactorum, but a small team has penetrated the inner corridors thanks to the intimate knowledge of the facility by a Magos Reclamatus and the burning hatred of Orks at the heart of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Fedrico Caphone. The Magos has informed the Blood Ravens that the STCs and Fabricator Locum have been secreted away to the lower levels of the Manufactorum Reclimat facility. So far, even after months of trying, the Orks have not been able to penetrate these defenses. With the shield power conduits disrupted, however, these defenses are also compromised and the Blood Ravens must make haste.

The Armies

For this scenario, 500 points each of Adeptus Mechanicus and Blood Ravens forces are fighting against 1000 points of Orks. Each Player uses the Zone Mortalis Combatant Force Organization chart.

Game Play

Both players roll off to see who decides to deploy first. The player deploying first also goes first unless their opponent can seize the initiative. This game uses variable game length, but does not start rolling to end the game until turn 6 when you roll a die at the end of the turn. At the end of turn 6, a roll of 1 or 2 ends the game. At the end of turn 7, a roll of 1-3 ends the game. On turn 8, the game ends automatically.


We suggest using the Industrial FaT Mat for your table cover. For this scenario, we built custom Zone Mortalis walls out of 1x4 lumber, sprue, and plastic pipes. See the map for details.Your Zone Mortalis design should make it difficult for models to reach the lifts and there should be fields of fire for any path leading to either of the two lifts.

Objectives: Even on this level, some relics of import are strewn about and should be retrieved if possible. Place four Objective markers at dead ends and in rooms. These Objectives are not impassible; instead they can be moved as with The Relic.

Deployment: Set up equitable deployment zones which will make it a challenge to reach the lifts. Note the map diagram.

Special Mission Rules

Night Fighting, Reserves, Zone Mortalis

No Advanced Scouts: Models with the Scout and Infiltrate special rules may not use them in this scenario. Note that Teleporting, however, is allowed.

Secrets of the Reclimat: When a unit seizes a relic for the first time, roll a die and apply the ability associated with it for the rest of the game.

  1. Molecular Binder: A unit in possession of this relic has a 5+ invulnerable save.
  2. Refractor: A unit in possession of this relic has the Shrouded special rule.
  3. Fleshknitter: An infantry unit in possession of this relic gains the It Will Not Die and improves their Feel No Pain by 1.
  4. Datascroll: A unit in possession of this relic at the end of the game scores an additional Victory Point.
  5. Technospike: At the start of the controlling player’s turn, the model in possession of this relic may select an enemy model within 12” and destroy one piece of that model’s Wargear. In the case of items listed as multiples in a single line item (such as Krag Grenades) all of those items are destroyed.
  6. Focus Amp: A unit in possession of this relic increases the strength of their Las and Melta weapons by 1.If a model in the unit is equipped with a Las or Melta pistol, their close combat attacks are resolved at AP 3.

Lifts: At the end of your Movement Phase, if you have any models completely within the boundaries of a Lift, you may remove those models from play, even if some models in a unit would remain in play. Models removed in this way do not count as casualties. If a model leaves the play area via a lift while holding a Relic, the Relic is also removed.

Victory Conditions

Tally the points value of the models which were removed as a result of using the Lifts. Players score 1 Victory Point for every 10 points in models removed in this way.

Also, players score 2 Victory Points for each Objective their units held at the end of the game and 5 points for each Objective they removed from the battlefield via the Lifts.

Battle Report: The Forges of Ghorok Campaign - Shields Down

Big Mek Skarburna was accustomed to solitude, so the number of Boyz who had flocked to his workshop was a bit unnerving to him. They had little regard for the delicate tools and machinery he'd spent months collecting and building. "You lads! Get away from there!" he barked. The Boyz flocked around the shield generator power conduits, bathing their green skin in an even sicklier, green glow. 

The telecapture nodes throughout the facility had shown him (and any other Mek with the kunning to tap into the feeds) what was coming. Beakies in maroon-painted 'eavy armor massacred the Ork and Digga defenders outside Da Big Fix, then in the outer skin cavity, and now penetrated into the inner shops. They all knew Skarburna's shop would be a key target because the Beakies loved dropping into a fight using their kustom torpedoes; and that was impossible with the shield up. 

Clearly, then, the best fight would be had here, so the Boyz had arrived take part. They didn't really care about protecting the product of Skarburna's months of toil. They just wanted to get stuck in and have a laugh chopping up Beakies. That was largely fine as far as Skarburna was concerned, considering the means would satisfy both ends.

The crashing and squealing of tortured metal heralded the approach of the Space Marines. There were a lot of them, he noted as the large, armored 'umies stepped from the shadows. A few of their smaller tanks rolled out of a huge rent in the shop's walls and began spitting bullets into the power conduit pylons. The shielding deflected most of the fire, but Skarburna would not rely on that forever. 

"Git 'em, Boyz!" he hollered, though it was mostly a pointless gesture. The huge mob of Orks was already storming across the shop, the dimness sparkling with the red delight in their eyes...

Doug Johnson, the creator of the F.A.T. Mats and President of TABLEWAR™, generously gave us 6x4 Industrial and 6x4 Underforge mats for this campaign. You'll see and learn more about those in upcoming missions. TABLEWAR™ has been developing innovative products for the hobby industry since 2010. Best known for the popular F.A.T. Mats that are now ubiquitous with tabletop gaming as the gaming surface of choice, they also carry a full range of products for the Display, Storage, and Light Transport of hobby miniatures. Check out the full line of TABLEWAR™ products at or the F.A.T. Mats at their marketing and distribution partner’s site

In the heart of the Manufactorum, three energy conduits provide power for the Void Shield Projector many levels above.

The Orks have rallied to this point due to its valuable nature, less to actually protect the Void Shields, and more because they know it will be focal point for battle!

The great mob of Boyz are itching for a fight.

With two Trukks full of heavily armed Lootaz and some Grot-manned artillery to back them up, the Boyz fearlessly defend their position.

On the enemy's left flank, the units best specialized for this mission trundle into view... an Ironclad Dreadnought and a unit of Assault Centurions.

Quick and agile Blood Ravens Assault Squads are well-suited for this kind of action.
Tactical Marines are loaded into Razorback Transports along with their Techmarine commander.

The Assault Marines make a show of their bravery in facing the Ork mobs head-on.

Although they are able to cut down many orks, a handful of Battle Brothers fall to their enemy's voracious appetite for killing.

Sarge Ledstorm and his Boyz produce a hail of random shoota lead, cutting down several Assault Marines, leaving only one unwounded.

The Boyz on the right Ork flank try to engage the Blood Ravens siege units, but they are unable to coordinate their assaults.

The Orks and Assault Marines continue to beat each other to death.

The Assault Marines boost out of their damaged Razorback and add their Bolters to the hail of fire poured into the Big Mek and his unit of Shoota Boyz, ending his short career as the caretaker of the shield generators.

The Ork right flank is crumbling.

The center of the Space Marines battle lines is now full of Orks.

The Lootaz and Meks are able to hold the Ork left flank against the Assault Marines, repelling them completely.

The Dreadnought makes its move.

As do the Centurions.

The handful of Boyz on the right flank try in vain to reach the Shield Conduit before the Centurions.

The hot glow of the raw power needed to repel full-scale orbital bombardments basks the Centurions in a sickly green glow.

Raw, unfettered power is released when the Dreadnought smashes the containment field to bits with its siege weapons.

The Centurions make quick work of the other one with their Siege Drills.

Though two are completely overwhelmed by the energy released by the power conduit, burning them to ash in the blink of an eye.

The central pylon crackles and arcs out, vaporizing the Dreadnought into thin air.

Chunks of the Ork Trukk are ripped away and liquefied.

The Trukk is done for, but the Lootaz make it out of the wreck unscathed.

The fight behind Blood Ravens lines continues.

The arcing lashes out at the Gretchin, filling their minds (and probably pants) with fear. They manage to hold their ground.

Although more waves of Orks pile into the Blood Ravens defenses, the damage has been done. Blood Ravens and Mechanicus reinforcements may now be deployed in the facility proper!