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The Forges of Ghorok Campaign Scenario 2 - Outer Manufactorum

Astartes, light vehicles, and Dreadnoughts emerged from the scrapyard on all sides of the Manufactorum. They drew together into two cohesive groups on the north and the south sides. The Ironclad Dreadnoughts and Devastator teams blasted holes in the outer skin of Assembly Alpha with nearly no resistance from the Orks. Some rapid-fire weapons ricocheted off their armor and dug furrows in the chemical-sodden earth, but there were no true defenses without. It was just enough to force the attackers into the relative cover of the Manufactorum itself.

The Ork strategy was not lost on Captain Tchagras. They were walking into something of an ambush. Though, he was certain the Orks didn’t perceive it as a cunning strategy designed to minimize their own losses. The Orks simply felt it wasn’t sporting to be cut down out in the open without engaging the enemy personally. Tchagras could almost respect that considering the only armament he brought with him into battle were a pair of crackling lightning claws.

The Ork strategy wasn’t the only thing driving them into the jaws of the enemy. The Battle Barge and Ark Cruiser miles above them were fighting a desperate battle against the Ork fleet, waiting for the Void Shields protecting the Manufactorum to be shut down so that the rest of their forces could be committed.

Tchagras decided they would have to even the odds a bit. He voxed to his squad commanders, “Continue with the attack. Expect heavy resistance once you breach the structure and find cover. The Shadow Talons and I shall find an alternative entry point. Knowledge is power!” All of his sergeants voxed, repeating the oath, before getting on with their duty.

All ten of his Shadow Talons had blacked their armor prior to the battle, though they had all smeared a gray Blood Raven on each of their shoulder pads. He was succinct: “We go up, find an entry point, and take out the power. Then, we strike from above.” He didn’t wait for confirmation, nor did they give any. The group simply engaged their jump packs in unison.

The Armies

Although any armies could use this scenario, the narrative thrust for the Forges of Ghorok Campaign is to pit Space Marines as the Attackers versus Orks as the Defenders. The Space Marines could be accompanied by Adeptus Mechanicus forces and the Orks could be accompanied by Renegades (Imperial Armour 13) to forge a complete narrative. Due to the infiltrating nature of the Blood Ravens in this scenario, Raven Guard Chapter Tactics are recommended.

Players are free to play whatever size game they choose, but there are some restrictions. Neither player should have a walker on larger than a 60mm base. The Space Marine player may only take tanks on Rhino chassis, reflecting the fact that they had to drive through a narrow scrapyard to get to this location. Drop Pods are not allowed in this mission.

Game Play

Both players roll off to see who decides to deploy first. The player deploying first also goes first unless their opponent can seize the initiative. This game uses variable game length.


The battlefield for this scenario is a massive room full of machinery and material. We recommend the use of Games Workshop Mechanicus ruins, homemade machinery pieces, and Ork-themed constructs for your terrain. We suggest using the Industrial FaT Mat for your table cover.

Objectives: Measuring to the center of each Objective, place 6 Objectives 16” from the long board edges, 18” from the short board edges, and 18” from each other.

Deployment: Dawn of War

Special Mission Rules

Night Fighting, Orksterious Objectives, Reserves

Orksterious Objectives are detailed in our Narrative Objective Supplement which is available on the Masters of the Forge website on the “Rules Supplements and Materials” page.

Rushed Engagement: Due to the erratic nature of the timing involved with a multi-pronged assault through the Scrapyard, the Attacker must bring half of their units in using whatever type of reserves allowed for those units.

Short Jump: Jump units are not making screaming descents onto the battlefield when they deepstrike into this battle. Instead, they are simply jumping into the battle from the rafters. Jump Infantry and Jetpack Infantry only scatter 1d6 when they Deepstrike during this game. If they already only scatter 1d6”, then they don’t scatter at all. If they already don’t scatter, then they may assault the turn they deepstrike. If they may already assault the turn they deepstrike, then they enjoy a +2” to their charge distance, to a maximum of 12”.

Threat Response: The Ork player must divide their army into three significant portions, with at least ¼ of their units going into each of the three portions. One group is deployed while the other two groups are placed into reserve. The second group arrives on Turn 2 and the third group arrives on turn 3. In the narrative, group one is a contingent of Gretchin and Mek Gunz led by a Big Mek, the second are the Digga auxiliaries who were lurking nearby and are keen to prove their worth to their greenskin masters, and the third group is a rapid response team of Stormboyz, Boyz, and Deffkoptas. You are, of course, welcome to forge whatever narrative you desire.

Victory Conditions

The goal of both sides is to hold this room. The Space Marines wish to set up homing beacons so that Drop Pods and Stormravens can bring troops and armor into the forthcoming battle in the Manufactorum proper.  For each Objective held at the end of the game, players score 3 Victory Points.  

Players also score 1 point each for Linebreaker, Slay the Warlord, and First Strike. First Strike is scored like First Blood except the scoring player’s opponent can also score the point if they can respond by killing an enemy unit before the end of their next turn.

Special Thanks

Doug Johnson, the creator of the F.A.T. Mats and President of TABLEWAR™, generously gave us 6x4 Industrial and 6x4 Underforge mats for this campaign. You'll see and learn more about those in upcoming missions. TABLEWAR™ has been developing innovative products for the hobby industry since 2010. Best known for the popular F.A.T. Mats that are now ubiquitous with tabletop gaming as the gaming surface of choice, they also carry a full range of products for the Display, Storage, and Light Transport of hobby miniatures. Check out the full line of TABLEWAR™ products at or the F.A.T. Mats at their marketing and distribution partner’s site

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Battle Report: The Forges of Ghorok Campaign - The Scrapyard

For this game, we used the Barren Wasteland F.A.T. Mat from Tablewar. We think it worked perfectly for an Ork Scrapyard. 

Doug Johnson, the creator of the F.A.T. Mats and President of TABLEWAR™, generously gave us 6x4 Industrial and 6x4 Underforge mats for this campaign. You'll see and learn more about those in upcoming missions. TABLEWAR™ has been developing innovative products for the hobby industry since 2010. Best known for the popular F.A.T. Mats that are now ubiquitous with tabletop gaming as the gaming surface of choice, they also carry a full range of products for the Display, Storage, and Light Transport of hobby miniatures. Check out the full line of TABLEWAR™ products at or the F.A.T. Mats at their marketing and distribution partner’s site

The denizens of the scrapyard surrounding Assembly Alpha no longer noticed the smell of iron and rust on the wind. The field of broken machines were piled high, one after the other over the centuries. It was hazardous to even walk amongst the ruined heaps because beneath your feet could lie countless other stacked wrecks waiting to shift slightly and swallow you whole.

The piles of junk had grown significantly since the Orks had taken the planet. Assembly Alpha had always been a reclamation plant where Tech Priests and their servitors had worked with tireless enthusiasm to restore damaged holy machines to life. Now, the Manufactorum was called "The Shop" and some of those servitors were slaves to the Orks along with many other humans who had survived the initial assault. Even a few Tech Priests were at the mercy of The Shop's new lord, the Big Mek named Rustbolt. He had done something to their brains, slaved their augmentations to his own and opened their minds to his. Now, the remaining Tech Priests were totally subservient to the Mek and his retinue.

Commissar Nela Holt had observed the industrious rise of the Orks in the Manufactorum district since the greenskins had taken the world. There was no stopping the creatures. It was madness to try. Her small clutch of survivors had certainly not attempted to fight against the rule of the Orks. Instead, they had turned to the only means of survival left to them: coexistence.

Nela was not a proper Commissar, but even she knew that the path they followed was unforgivable heresy by Imperial standards. They traded with the Orks, fixed things even they could not fix, and entertained them. The Orks had come to rely on the human survivors of Ghorok almost as much as they did Gretchin. What did Heresy matter anyways if you were dead?

It was this sentiment (which she had repeated several times to her followers) which caused her to give great pause when the drop pods started raining down around the perimeter of the massive scrapyard. She had a commanding view of the warren beneath her. She stood in a sodden, sooty room on the outer skin of The Shop. The huge pane window had long since shattered, so she stood on the fragments of glass, stared out, arms folded, rusty wind sighing. She growled, "Damn."

One of her aides said, "Commissar?"

"Bloody Space Marines, Jamil."

All three aides stepped back, as if expecting to be blasted with bolter shells at any minute. "Don't be ridiculous, boys and girls. However, the night is young."

Jamil swallowed, "Of course. Orders, Commissar?" Nela sometimes wondered if the rabble thought she was truly a Commissar or if they were simply deluding themselves.The looseness of the uniform was likely a dead give-away. They didn't seem to care, though. They were happy to have someone to follow.

After a pause to think, she said, "We defend our world from these invaders."

The Gretchin and Diggaz deploy on the left flank under the watchful eye of the Dread.

On the center, the Frank Da Orkstrocity is joined by some Boyz.

A small team of Kommandos lies in wait for the Blood Ravens to pass by.

Sista Bea Aarfur's squad also waits to ambush the approaching Space Marines.

Some of the Mechanicus forces were able to join up with this team of Blood Ravens to help re-take their Manufactorum.

The Diggaz seek to take better positions with their lascannons, looking for a field of fire.

They are somewhat successful, able to point their field guns down two key corridors.

Sista Bea's squad slinks from shadow to shadow.

The Ork forces converge on their right flank, ready to engage the large group moving up the road there.

Some robots skim on jetpacks, banging into the scrapped rhino, but getting a few blasts off with their weapons.

The Space Marines are cautious with their movements, wary of the multiple ambushes awaiting them.

The sounds of weapons fire begin to echo throughout the scrapyard from miles around.

The Blood Ravens move into striking position.

Although they have a clear shot, the Diggaz can't seem to find their mark. Melted slag splatters the battlefield from their errant shots, however.

The Orks and Space Marines begin to make contact on the left flank, taking pot shots at one another.

The Orks decide it is time to take some risks.

Frank's unit offers supporting fire with a bloocurtling "Get 'em Boyz! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!

The Kommandos finally get stuck in. The Space Marines and Orks begin carving onto one-another.

The Diggaz on the left flank take horrific casualties. 

The field gun crews try to prove their worth one more time.

They manage to only slough off a little armour on the Ironclad Dreadnought.

After the Kommandos and Diggaz on the right flank are wiped out, the Orkstrocity and his Boyz attempt to assault, but are clearly weighed down with the task of keeping Frank under control.

The Space Marines and Mechanicus troops oblige the clanking monster and engage with him.

It isn't long before the overwhelming numbers become too much for Frank...

....and he is dragged down and pulled apart into pieces.

After some truly catastrophic morale issues on the part of their Digga allies, Sista Bea leaps at the chance to kill some beakies, but most of her ladz die to reactionary fire from the Space Marines and Sista Bea Arrfur is stricken down before she can deal out any punishment with her Power Klaw.

The Deff Dread and Dreadnought square off.

The Ironclad brazenly attempts to charge the Deff Dread who promptly fires off both missiles which both find the spot where the lascannon had struck earlier. With several pops and the whoosh of fire, the Space Marine walker shuts down.

The Deff Dread is hungry for blood, so he stomps towards the Blood Ravens.

In the end, there are two solitary combatants on the Ork's left flank and the right flank is overwhelmed with Mechanicus and Blood Ravens assault marines. The Imperial forces are able to penetrate the defenses of the Manufactorum!

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The Forges of Ghorok Campaign Scenario 1 - The Scrapyard


~ Please also read the Prelude for this campaign for context ~

The Ark Cruiser, Primus Code under the command of Magos Ulivaras managed to establish an orbital beach-head above manufactorum complex Assembly Alpha. She had penetrated the Orks' outer defenses with an unexpected charge, blasting the larger vessels with her substantial broadsides. She carved the multitude of Ork scout vessels with her lances and lighter batteries. Now, she held the rest of the Ork fleet at bay, daring them to approach, and making the glorified garbage scows regret it with her white-hot lance batteries. For hours, naught but smoking slag sailed across the Primus Code's bow.

The stalemate in space would only last so long however. Eventually, the Orks would gather enough conscious thought to come at her in a single charge and break her in half. Ulivaras was calculating the proper responses to an all-out attack from an Ork Battle Fleet when the Blood Ravens Battle Barge translated from the Empyrian just outside the system.

"Praise the Omnissiah. Now we fight," she said in the Gothic tongue for no reason in particular. Not for the first time, the Magos cursed her meat brain for her very human predilection for muttering her thoughts.

The long-range vox crackled to life, "Battle Barge Carrion Crown to Arc Cruiser Primus Code. Respond."  A deep voice. Human lungs and vocal chords rarely produced a voice quite like that. Astartes, of course. They rarely put humans in command of their Battle Barges.

"We read you, Carrion Crown," the Magos replied. Her voice over the vox was her own, recorded centuries ago, and stored for future use. It always surprised her to hear it. The implant on her face crackled with static and had a hollow, tinny quality, so she rarely used it for electronic communications which were sometimes difficult for unaugmented humans to understand anyways, particularly in a warzone. "What is your E.T.A.?"

"Full acceleration burn will bring us to you in three standard hours."

"The Orks are gathering beyond each pole, Carrion Crown." She avoided transmitting the Chapter Master's name over the vox. It likely didn't matter with the Orks, but protocol was protocol. "They are beyond my line of sight, but it seems they intend to both make a run at us with a twin-pronged approach. It will be costly for them, but they will overwhelm us if they are able to gather enough vessels for the cause."

"We need that beach-head, Primus Code."

"We will hold. We will make them regret their actions against the Omnissiah this day, Space Marine."

The vox crackled. His silence belied his respect.

"Know this. Manufactorum complex Assembly Alpha is experiencing rather strange radiation bursts and gravimetric anomalies. This is to be expected when Orkoids desecrate holy places. In addition, the Void Shields are once again operational. You will not be able to safely insert troops in the Manufactorum proper."

"I understand there is a scrapyard surrounding the complex."

"Affirmative. It is approximately five clicks wide and encircles the Maufactorum. If you land in the verge of the territory, you should be able to penetrate their defenses on foot largely unmolested."

"We will devise a plan around that data. I should say no more, but thank you, Primus Code."

Sentiment. She appreciated the Astartes chapters who did not engage in that particular human behavior. Why couldn't it have been Dark Angels? She chose to ignore it. "The Orks will not destroy us outright, Astartes. They will want to board us. This should offer you some time, but I will need my Skitarii to put up a proper defense. However, expect some assistance from a handful of operatives I have been able to deploy while we awaited your arrival."

"Understood, Primus Code. Good Luck."

"Luck," she replied, "is a myth."


While the Mechanicus are tied up with the Ork battle fleet, the Adeptus Astartes Drop piecemeal in a ring around the Manufactorum's vast scrapyard. Operating in many small teams, it is the goal of the Astartes to wade through the Ork defenders and arrive somewhat simultaneously to break through the Manufactorum's outer defenses.

If you wish, in addition to this mission, you may also depict the boarding actions of the Orks upon the Ark Cruiser, pitting Skitarii forces versus Orks in any number of Zone Mortalis scenarios.


The primary armies at war on Ghorok (the world formerly known as Shatara) are the Adeptus Astartes and the Orks. The Astartes are the Attackers (and use the Attacker Zone Mortalis Force Organization Chart) and the Orks are the Defenders (and use the Defender Zone Mortalis Force Organization Chart).

The Astartes may be accompanied by any variety of Adeptus Mechanicus or Mechanicum. These represent forces sent by the Primus Code to assist the Space Marines and any surviving denizens of the Manufactorum.

The Orks may take allies representing humans left behind by the Imperium whom the Orks call "Diggaz". These are scrapyard-dwellers who have survived here even under greenskin rule. They have proven themselves to be useful scavengers and cunning in the arts of jury-rigging. These forces can use the rules for Renegades in the Imperial Armor 13 book. Rules for human auxiliaries also appear in the Siege of Vracks and Horus Heresy Book 5: Tempest.

For this game, we used the Barren Wasteland F.A.T. Mat from Tablewar. We think it worked perfectly for an Ork Scrapyard.

Doug Johnson, the creator of the F.A.T. Mats and President of TABLEWAR™, generously gave us 6x4 Industrial and 6x4 Underforge mats for this campaign. You'll see and learn more about those in upcoming missions. TABLEWAR™ has been developing innovative products for the hobby industry since 2010. Best known for the popular F.A.T. Mats that are now ubiquitous with tabletop gaming as the gaming surface of choice, they also carry a full range of products for the Display, Storage, and Light Transport of hobby miniatures. Check out the full line of TABLEWAR™ products at or the F.A.T. Mats at their marketing and distribution partner’s site


This scenario is played on a Scrapyard Zone Mortalis battlefield. If you don’t have a custom-made Scrapyard table, you can simulate one by bringing as many vehicles as you can and arraying them in a Zone Mortalis layout. If you have time, you could raid your bitz box, spray them brown and drybrush them silver for additional piles of scrap.


Each army deploys within 6” of their table edge. Roll off to determine who chooses which player deploys first.


Place an objective at the center of the battlefield.  Starting with the player deploying first, take turns placing 4 more Objectives, each 12” from the center Objective.


Troops and Elites units are Scoring units for this mission.  Orks score 1 Victory Point for each Objective they hold at the end of the game and 2 Victory Points for each enemy unit destroyed at the end of the game. Space Marines score 3 Victory Points for each unit they have at least partially within the enemy deployment zone at the end of the game. Slay the Warlord and First Strike are also in play for 1 Victory Point each.

Mission Special Rules

Zone Mortalis, Reserves, Night Fighting

High Position: This Zone Mortalis is made from junked vehicles and random trash. Models may climb on top of the walls of junk.  To do so, simply make a Difficult Terrain roll and measure vertically to reach your position.

Exposed: It is incredibly dangerous on top of the junk. If any of the Attacker's units is standing on junk rather than in the trenches at the end of their movement phase, then the Ork player may choose one of the following for each exposed unit: either Suppressing Fire or Off-Board Barrage. If targeted with Suppressing Fire, your exposed unit is struck with 2d6 str 5 ap 4 hits originating from any point along your opponent’s board edge (their choice). Use a regular infantry model at the originating point to determine Line of Sight if any terrain questions come into play. In the case of an Off-Board Barrage, your opponent may target any location within 6” of the exposed unit with a Str 5 AP 6 Heavy 3 Blast Barrage.

Jumping Over Walls: Units with the ability to move over terrain (Jump Infantry, Jetbikes, etc.)  may jump over walls in this game. If the unit is in the Attacking force, then they suffer the same dangers as a unit occupying Open Ground except that with Suppressing Fire, cover and line-of-sight are ignored.

Fire Over There!: If a unit from the Attacking force fires a Barrage weapon, they have exposed their position and the enemy may call an Off-Board Barrage on them.

Catastrophic Damage: Although the Catastrophic Damage table is appropriate for a Trench network, subtract 2 from the result.

WAAGH! Tuska Complete (for Now)

Unfettered by any commitment to those who brought him into the Materium, the Ork Bloodthirster, Tuska of the Everlasting WAAGH! has begun his rampage across the cosmos. He has set his sights on territories beyond the Pakeshi Sector, towards the embattled worlds on the Spinward Front of the Eye of terror.

~ * ~

This army is complete for the time being. It was a lot of fun painting these 3500 or so points of daemonic pigs and Orks. I also had an amazing time showing them off at H.A.T.E. Club, The Overlords Club, and Warhammer World in the UK this past April. Thanks to all of those who made me feel welcome!

Tuska at H.A.T.E.

Tuska at The Overlords

Tuska at Warhammer World

Additional Shots