Monday, February 29, 2016

Diggaz Infantry

When WAAGH! Drillteef broke apart into several warring factions across the Pakeshi Sector, the surviving Humans of Shatara Prime benefited from it greatly. On that world, which the Orks now called Ghorok, the Orks were spending all their time fighting amongst themselves. They largely ignored the filthy humans scraping out a meager existence on the outskirts of the hives and in the blasted wastes beyond.

In time, many of the Humans, called Diggaz by the few Orks who bothered to notice them, actually developed thriving tribes. Some even began to trade with some of the Ork clans. Of course, many more were enslaved by the Orks, but the humans were cunning and the Orks were too splintered to mount much of a scouring mission against the many hidden Digga settlements. 

Recently, some of the Oddboyz on Ghorok have even taken to employing Diggaz as mercenaries in their scraps against the bigger, meaner Ork bosses. What the Diggaz lack in brute strength, they make up for in cunning. Their ability to use (and to some extent repair) the discarded Imperial technology left behind from the Shatara War makes them a formidable ally, if paid well.

~ * ~

I want to thank the awesome listener who sent me these Diggaz models for my collection. I was able to cobble together enough Lascannon and Zzapgun bitz and some Star Wars miniatures to make an Infantry Platoon and Company Command Squad from the Renegades list by Black Library. I'll be running these in small games, Gorkamorka, and as allies for my Orks.  I have a few more models coming up, including a Chimera and 3 Leman Russ tanks.