Sunday, January 31, 2016

The "Spork"

WAAGH! Drillteef claimed a great many war machines of the Imperium when they took the world of Shatara. The most venerable of these holy devices was an Ultramarines Thunderhawk Transporter named The Fist of Roboute. Oddly enough, the vessel was recently spotted sporting a variety of paint schemes during the Raid on Pakeshi IV. Not only was it defaced with Ork glyphs and red paint, but also the burgundy and bone colors of the Blood Ravens. The Blood Ravens have yet to offer an explanation as to why this might have come to pass.

~ * ~

This Thunderhawk was gifted to me by the players in my local area as thanks for the time and effort I put in running and promoting our events. Of course, I decided to add it to my Ork army rather than my Star Eagles. I plan on running this model using Andy Chambers' Looted Vehicle rules from the 3rd Edition Orks codex.

This is more the first stage of done rather than properly done. I have a Looted Land Raider I'll be using in conjunction with this vehicle and attaching it to the undercarriage with magnets. I'll also be magnetizing some of the Thunderhawk's single-shot missiles. Of course, most of all, this model needs a base and I'm considering a complicated acrylic project in order to guarantee stability whether I have a vehicle attached on the bottom or not. But for now, this is good as a trophy piece.

My wife tells me that since it's a spaceship for Orks, I should call it the "Spork". Thoughs?

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