Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2014 - Part 3/3

Well, I'm sorry it took so long, but the final installment of the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge Armies on Parade is finally ready for your viewing enjoyment!


Juravial got an early jump on things and clearly went above and beyond the challenge.  His Ultramarines are ready to assault any fortified enemy position with this highly mobile and fearsome force.  I hope your macro cannon pops some uppity traitors, Juravial!

So, Killian was not messing around.  He had his badass bike army done by March and it is gorgeous.  How did he do it? Who can say? I'm guessing Heresy.

Malahat Mike
Malahat Mike didn't join us until September, but he wasn't going to let that daunt him.  Now, he has a fully painted army for the first time in literally decades. Good on you, man!  Also, I laughed pretty hard at the "Mission Accomplished" pic in your thread. 

As you can see from these Contemptors, the group pic really doesn't do this army justice.  I love seeing an alternative scheme for Dark Angels, here as a chapter called the "Archangels".  Please check out the link to his thread for more.

Mills clearly knows their way around a brush.  The subtle edge highlighting and flawless striping in this army are something anyone could take notes from.  This is a truly gorgeous army and I recommend looking into this thread for more goodies.

The terrifyingly unreal array of pure, uncut WIN in Ministerofpork's Hobby Progress thread is staggering. The weathering coupled with an actually clean paint-job underneath provides the viewer with a stunningly realistic, yet fantastic treat. I hope we see more from him in the future.


Obrinser's marines think the Imperium is full of punks and I heartily agree.  He's got a vibrant and fun army here with some really rad alternative drop pod models.

pablothegreat is not only an excellent community member, but is also a darn good hobbyist. Again, we see another ICs member breaking the stereotype with a vibrant, beautiful Necron army.


This unique mix of Crimson Fists and Grey Knights sports a lot of infantry and some of the character is quite nice indeed.  My favorite model is this Librarian.  The solid, red toga, the purple force sword and the banner are all really impressive.  Great work, Physhdude!

Moo.  Moo moo moo moo.  Mooooo Moo Mooo Mooo Moo Moo.  MOOOOO! Moo moomoo moo.  


As much as a cohesive mono-god themed Chaos list looks great on the table, I also do love to see the kaleidoscope of putrescence which is an undivided list.  Love this army and I really like how puracy did his dates!


This is absolutely one of my favorite shots in all the HPC this year. It really gets the imagination fired up and looks to be Forge World quality stuff. Go git 'em, Horus!


One of my favorite things to se on the battlefield is a trio of Vindicators ready to unleash Hel on the enemy.  I love ryantsg's army... so much armor... so much death. His work ethic is laudable and his execution is quite pristine.  Great work, man!

Scrambles' army is anotherwhere you really need to click the link to the thread in order to really see what's going on. This is one of the more unique Astra Militarum armies I've seen and it's really quite impressive.  I love the added details Scrambles has used to set their army apart from the rest.  Kudos!

Well, I guess this photo kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Okay. One more.  Yeah.  Black Templars be like, you ain't pious enough...


Having just read Battle of the Fang, I know that these Fenrisian Astra Militarum are total badasses and I can see the appeal of painting this particular list.  Great work on this, seb; I quite lke the work that went into this model count.

SRM was clearly the Honey Badger of this year's Hobby Progress Challenge. His 2nd Edition Ultramarines are a thing of beauty.  Great community member. Great hobbyist. What more can I say?

And who doesn't love corsairs?  I really enjoy seeing a combined force of Eldar and Dark Eldar on the tableand stainerp does a great job of marrying the two. 

student teacher
student teacher is one of our most valued community members. He is very encouraging and prolific with his posting.  Also, he's brought a lovely White Scars army to the table this year along with some really impressive Legion of the Damned and an imaginatively-executed Inquisitor with his retinue. Be sure to click his forum link to see more.


TheSelsword's progress is clearly above and beyond the call of duty, as you can tell from the group shot above. I wanted to also show you an example of the effort and attention to detail which goes into every model. Look at this guy.  Imagine an entire army like that in just a few months....   Right? My mind is blown, too.

warpoet's unique Nurgle army is quite a inspiration for anyone who wants to theme their entire army to Nurgle.  Note the custom mount and the delightful Maulerfiend.


Sadly, one of my resolutions for 2014 was too convince WildWeasel to use some darn vibrant colors for achange.  I kid, of course.  This is one of the incredible things abnout the Tyranids, the fact that you can paint them pretty much however you want thanks to the wondrous variety of nature.


I fell asleep five times posting this last participant, but that won't stop me from mention how great it was having a person with real work ethic in the Sisters forum considering how poorly my own project went.  Awesome work, XM10ADefiant! I am duly impressed.

That marks the end of the Armies on Parade for the ICs HPC 2014.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read and follow along.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge 2014 - Part 2/3

Today we have the first half of the Armies on Parade!  Please note that this list does not discriminate on whether folks finished all of their commitments on time... anyone who completed an army are celebrated here with equal fanfare.

Andy Ovel - Flesh Eaters
I really like the scheme Andy chose with the cool stripe on the face.  I think the stand-out feature are the bases which you can see on this in-progress pic.  Great work here on this super-awesome assaulty list.

Aninja's Astral Claws

I was really impressed with Aninja's army from the start.  The great paint job wasn't enough for him, though, and it was the back-story for his army which set him apart.  Awesome work on this thematic and beautiful army.


Astroth is one of the hobbyists who you can tell really loves his army. The sheer number of units painted to a great quality speaks volumes to his commitment to the hobby.  Keep showing those Necrons whose boss, Astroth!


It was tough to pick a close-up to feature of Bill from Imperial Vox Cast's Slaanesh Daemons army, but this actually is one of my favorites.  I really love the fel flames where the Seeker is touching the marble base (awesome use of flooring materials) and I really get a good feeling of the texture of the Seeker's flesh. Very impressive, especially considering Bill's commitments to podcast and family.


I don't think it should come as a surprise to anyone that my favorite models of the army are these super rad Tomb Blades. However, the army as a whole really feels beautifully cohesive and I love the fortifications Blaine built for it.  I think Fortifications are a great way to further add theme to any army, allowing you to actually alter the battlefield to assert your thematic dominance!  With an army like this, BlaineThPain has a great chance of being a happy choo-choo until the day he dies.


Another really awesome Slaanesh Daemons army has my quaking in my boots. I'd love to do this kind of army and I think I could convince the wife to let me do it because the lady LOVES purple.  You should really click the link in the previous caption and check out the rest of Bowlzee's army; the Daemon Princes are incredible.

Brother Demetrius

Brother Demetrius put together a cool Tzeench and Khorne Daemon army. These vibrant Flamers are my favorite models of the lot.  Thanks for sticking with it and finishing your challenge, man. That shows great integrity. Awesome work!

Yeller iz da new red!  I love yellow Orks and the blue Cataphract picked to compliment it is incredible.  I love this army.  This warboss is a great example of his skill and if you click on the link in the previous caption, you'll see a lot of great units in detail.


Good, clean coats and attitude are this army's strengths.  I mean, just look at this pimp right here.

This guy is REALLY not all that fond of renegade heretic scum. I often wonder where these Dreadnoughts fit all the ammo.  Well, whatever the case, this is a really fun army and Chef_Wulfen wasn't just a consistent hobbyist, but a dedicated contributor to other peoples' threads. Thanks for all the great work, Chef_Wulfen.
Cicero's community involvement is hard to beat. He is a positive member of the forums and shows genuine interest in the progress of others. If that weren't enough, his work is staggeringly prolific and of exceptional quality.  His vehicles have weight and his characters are very expressive. Do yourself a favor and click the link in the previous caption for more of his 21-page thread.

Cornu Mortem

I couldn't find a full army shot of Cornu Mortem's progress this year.  This might be due to the fact that he has 73 pages of madness in his HPC thread!

His dedication to the Dark Angels is laudable.  His dedication to quality in detail (evidenced here with fully-painted consoles for his command Rhino) is staggering.  Great work, Mike!

In a mad dash before his trip to the UK, Carl completed a ton of models for his Word Bearers army.  The army looked really hot on the field at Warhammer World! Too bad he didn't get a chance to face off against the Hello Kitty titan!


cypher226 really embraced the character inherent in the Forge World models and did them justice.  He put together an army worth of the Word Bearers... the composition really rings true.  I look forward to seeing his Mechanicum... I wonder if they will stay loyal to the Imperium?


DeMante was another individual whose methodical schedule reaped amazing results.  I really appreciate his army's understated monstrous nature.  These look like good and proper ravenous beasts of war. Keep it up!
I think this model says all that NEEDS to be said about Dogbert's "Fall of Hydra Minoris" list.  Zombies and other corrupted models shamble about and make a nuisance of themselves in this beautifully grotesque army.  I can't wait to see more from him.

Evil Space Elves

What more can I say about Evil Space Elves army except that his thread is 57 pages of pure chewing satisfaction.

Add to that the fact that he is an active, honest, and helpful member of the community and he's the full package.  Thanks, Evil Space Elves!


I think of Gigantor as something of a kindred spirit. He is a positive influence on our community as a whole and his army looks awesome. We're happy you joined us, Gigantor. Keep up the great work on all fronts.

iplaythisgame has great technique and work ethic. His models are a treat. Be sure to visit his blog for the whole story. There is some pretty unreal stuff there.


Irondog really captured the classic style of the Ultramarines scheme, but with a modern twist and modern technique.  Very nicely done. This is easily one of my favorite armies this year.

We can joke all we want about Necrons being easy to paint, but Jerre's dedication is just plain unreal.  This was not aparticularly simple scheme and Jerre put loads of painted models on the table.  He's also been a very consistent participant over the years... great work, Jerre.
I have the pleasure of jholtmusic being a local buddy of mine and we get to play regularly.  His army is a treat to play against because it shows real effort and pride in his work.  The Legion of the Damned are wonderful and you should click on his link to see more.

That's enough for now.  Please check back later this weekend for the final installment when we bring the rest of the Armies on Parade.