Thursday, September 18, 2014

Loopy Paints Unto Others - Black Knights

One army I've always wanted to do are a small list of Black Knights.  I thought it would be really cool to own a collection of GKs of slightly questionable honor.  One of the great things about my part-time job with Frontline Gaming is that sometimes a customer will leave it open to the artist to come up with a scheme for them and, in this case, I grabbed the opportunity to do this army the way I've always imagined it.

I started by sending along the image above as my inspiration for the army and the client agreed.

Over 50 grueling (and fun) hours later, I am done.  I have completely underestimated the basecoats for these models.  Grey knights have so many parts that need a different shade from their armor and there are so many purity seals that a man could lose his bananas.

The black armor is a cheap, low-pigment craft paint black.  This is intentional because I did a quick clear-coat over that and then washed all the models with an India Ink and Alcohol mixture.  This created a black with depth and character.

The swords are Warpstone Glow with a drybrush of Moot Green and then hints of Yriel Yellow over that.

For the rubbled bases, I fed sprue through our cross-cut paper shredder and also used some regular sand and flocking.  They were time-consuming but I am very pleased with them.

Well, now that they are finally ready to go out to the mailbox, I can share them.

I'm really pleased with these and I sincerely hope the client enjoys them.

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