Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gene's Basement - Pick-Up Game List Development

It's been an aufully long time since I've posted  a battle report here since a lot of my recent reports have been of campaign games and they're posted over at the Campaign Blog.  It was great to have a proper game with Gene after a long hiatus.

WAAGH! Drillteef brought Mad Doc, Warboss Grimblitz (mega-armored warboss with bosspole and attack squig), 11 boyz (trukk, red, ram, power klaw, bosspole), battlewagon (red, ram, big shoota) with 20 shoota boyz inside (nob, power klaw, bosspole, 2 big shootas), Warkopta (skorcha, rattler kannon), 10 boyz (nob, rokkit launcha, power klaw, bosspole), 6 tankbustas, battlewagon (ram, big shoota) with 13 Lootaz, 3 Zzapgun artillery (3 ammo runts, 9 grots and a runtherd), Dakkajet (extra supa shoota, flyboss), 7 Stormboyz (Shazzo Blitzklawz), 15 Gretchin, Bastion with Comms Relay.

The Eldar brought The Avatar, a Wraithknight, 2 squads of Guardians, 1 squad of Dark Reapers, 3 Guardian Jetbikes, a Fire Prism, and 3 Wave Serpents.

Game:  Emperor's Will
Deployment:  Vanguard Strike
Night Fight:  No
Ork Warlord Trait:  Re-roll reserves (LOL)
Eldar Warlord Trait:  Outflank

We were fighting in a small, dilapidated village.

The Ors begin with their Battlewagons and Trukk in pouncing position.  The Tankbustas jump into the Warkopta.

The Eldar set up in a defensive position.

I choose to go first and get as much distance in as possible.

Mad Doc's Trukk takes heavy fire.

The flyers zoom in and do very little.  Shazzo Blitzklawz and his team mishap back into reserve.

The Tankbustas make an attempt at the Wraithknight, as is their job, but the Wraithknight is making saves like a demon!

Mad Doc Tries to charge into the distant Wave Serpent after an abysmal Move Through Cover.

And Fails.

Some disguised Wraith Guard (the real models fell of their bases) are killed by the burning wreckage of the Dakkajet, but they still make quick work of Mad Doc's unit.

The Warkopta wrecks the Wraith Guard while the Tankbustas inside put a hurt on the Wave Serpent that had it's butt poking out of the ruins.

RARGH!  The Boyz try their best to wrap the Wave Serpent on our left flank, but they are blocked by a building and the board edge.

Shazzo Blitzklawz and his Boyz assault the dangerous Fire Prism.

The Lootaz and Warboss Grimblitz are stuck in combat with the WraithKnight.  Thank goodness it's not a Character! 

Uh Oh.

The Fire Prism is destroyed! WAAGH!

Half of the Guardians can't dismbark.  Not bad!

The fight continues!

The Tankbustas take out the remaining Wave Serpent and face down the Dark Reapers while the Shoota Boyz start making their way for the enemy's Objective.

Somehow, what remains of Blitzklawz' squad wipes out the last squad of guardians after their shooting completely fails to wound and their overwatch fails to do a thing.  After this bit of extremely good luck, they hide.

The Avatar has, at this point, destroyed the Bastion and all the Grots inside while taking a couple of wounds from the Zzapguns.  The ten boyz who've been in a holding position in a nearby ruin decide to give it a shot.  They do have a power klaw, after all.  They are, unfortunately, unsuccessful and are swept to death!

Again, in another frustrating turn of events, the Jetbikes finally roll on and also fail to hurt Shazzo Blitzklawz' squad.  

The Tankbustas clean up the remaining Wraith Guard. 

Boss Grimblitz finally carves the last wounds into the Wraithknight.

The Dark Reapers focus their fire on their Ork contemporaries.

And wipe them off the table, Ork pieces splattering everywhere.

The Avatar decides that enough is enough regarding the Zzapguns.

He annihilates them, but Grimblitz and his Krew are rounding the corner!

On Turn 5, the Eldar would have victory, but the game continued to turn 6 and the Boyz get out to claim the enemy objective.

Blitzklawz decides his luck is on a roll so he may as well assault into the Dark Reapers.  The Stormboyz take no wounds and they annihilate all but the exarch.

In the subsequent turn, the Exarch kills the remaining Boy, but Blitzklawz' Choppa makes Elf Meat out of the Exarch.  Blitzklawz decides to sit the rest of the fight out.  He's freaking tired.

Grimblitz is aching for a fight with a monster and they fight for a full round, first taking each other down to a single wound in an epic battle where their modest 5++ invulnerable saves protect them from certain death.  In the end, Grimblitz is somehow victorious.  He's as surprised as I am.

The remaining Guardians were in position to make a last-ditch attempt at assaulting into scoring position, but it was too late.  The game ended on turn 7.
I was glad to have had a game with Gene again.  It was really fun to play this mixed list with some of my favorite stuff in it, though I think I could have chosen something cooler than the Bastion to use, though, so I'll try to think of something else for this fun pick-up game list.

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