Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Allying With Myself

Sung to the tune of "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol, but with an Ork accent.

On the worlds of Ultramar
Or in the ghoul stars way out far, far
With the Mega Armor and the Power Klaw's clamour
I'm allyin' with myself

When there's no one else in sight
And da kommandos' sneakin right
Well, dey gonna snik ya in your softy bitz
And I'm allyin' with myself

Oh ally wiv myself
Oh ally wiv myself
We ain't gonna lose and ain't got nothing to prove
And I'm allyin with myself, oh

And I know dat boyz don't like
To get krumped when wagons fight
I'd get my mega-boss to take all the hits
I'd just ally with myself

So let's take another Mek
Cause he's got the bitz to think
And stop my Manz from runnin away
Dat's why I'm be allyin' with myself, oh

Oh ally wiv myself
Oh ally wiv myself
We ain't gonna lose and ain't got nothing to prove
And I'm allyin with myself, oh oh oh oh

I know ya want a wagon
And maybe anovva wagon
So take a wagon 'n a wagon 'n a wagon 'n a wagon
And ally wiv yourself

Dakka jetz iz da best
More dakka iz da cry-y
So make all da dakka wash over da 'umies
When you ally wiv yourself

Oh ally wiv yourself
Oh ally wiv yourself
If you want big gunz an' also some wagons...
If you want a boss fer yer Lootaz or Boyz...
If your seven Deff Dreads need to dreg some 'eads...

Ally wiv yourself
Ally wiv yourself
Ally wiv yourself
Ally wiv yourself

We've played dis game every way it's played
And we've played every army there is
But nothing compares to the glorious joy
Of an ork allying with himself

So let's krump some panzie git
Or bonk 'eads wiv a beakie boss
'Cause ain't noffin' stoppin our WAAGH dis time
Cuz we allyin wiv ourselves

Oh ally wiv ourselves
Oh ally wiv ourselves
Bringin' Mad Doc, Old Zogwort, and Gazzy's a joke...
We've got Triple Warboss wiv Bikes spouting smoke...
And four mobs of boyz in wagonz iz rollin on blokes...

Ally wiv ourselves...
Ally wiv ourselves...
Ally wiv ourselves...


  1. Call the Overlords. They'll make this happen.

  2. I didnt follow the lyrics exactly but I think I captured the spirit of the song. Yeah?

    1. And yeah, there's a difference between writing a parody and actually putting it to music. Creative license is to be expected! WOW! Can I play this on the podcast? Do you mind me giving your real name when we play it?

    2. Oh sure please use it as you like. Credit me as Kaiga12 though. I was actually thinking of redoing this since certain parts are kinda iffy and my throat was getting raw. Not sure when that'll happen though since my computer just died. In the meantime take it and enjoy.