Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Masters of the Forge, and THANKS to the Servitors and Quartermasters

You might have noticed that the new Masters of the Forge podcast has dropped its first episode today. Some of you may know that I am one of the hosts of this new podcast.  You can imagine my surprise when, a few months ago, Snorre contacted me to be a member, citing my Codex: Star Eagles document (which he'd helped edit) as one of the things that made him think I'd be up to the task.  I'm honored that Snorre and Kamil would have me and I really look forward to working with them to help promote the hobby.

The main focus of the show is to bring the world of 40k to life on your tabletop.  While the old Deepstrike Radio Podcast (of which Snorre and Kamil were both members) was focused mainly on the 40k fluff in almost a lecture or round table discussion format, this podcast focuses on taking that fluff and bringing it into your games.  The formats will consist of (but not be limited to) the following:

Black Library Novels:  We'll read a Black Library novel and discuss it on the show while, at the same time, describing how you can bring this novel to life in your games of Warhammer 40,000.  We're also going to try to create supplements full of 40k characters, scenarios, and other rules to help you along the way.

Games Workshop Supplements:  We'll look at the information provided in published works and discuss how to use them in your narrative games.  We'll also try to help expand upon the rules in the Supplements to better match the fluff or fill holes where Games Workshop is unwilling to do so due to a lack in official models.

Original Material:  We'll also discuss our own original content (or your original content).  This will usually be on the topic of Campaigns or Fandexes.

Again, we're not limiting ourselves to these formats, but I think these will make up the lion's share of our shows.  Of course, we'll have the usual banter about the hobby and discussion on our own personal 40k experiences.

You can find the podcast at the following links....

iTunes Page:

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RSS Feed:

Thanks to My Servitors and Quartermasters

I've struggled with a way to thank all the folks who have been so generous to me this year.  I don't know if they want a shout-out or not.  I know privacy is an issue and I don't want random people asking things of them, but I also want to give them credit for being awesome.  Of course, most people do things out of the kindness of their own hearts and may not want too much recognition.  For this reason, I'm going to be posting their names on the sidebar of my Blog and mentioning them on the Podcast when I can, but only either their screen name or their first name and last initial.

There are some folks who have donated their time to the Masters of the Forge scenarios, sometimes painfully so.  I am calling these people our "Servitors" because it really is a thankless process going through other people's very raw and sometimes very bad rules.  It is only through playtesting do rules become genuinely good... or at least playable.  I cannot thank these people enough.  They lend credibility to the content we're producing.

Please contact us if you're interested in becoming a Servitor. I'm going to try to keep the size of this group manageable, but please let us know if you're interested.

Other people are also very generous with models and other material goods.  I can't even count how many beakie heads the Freebootaz and the ICs forums guys have given me!  Folks who have so kind to me as to send me presents or give me great deals on models, I dub "Quartermasters" and shall also appear on the sidebar of my Blog and a mention (again, with anonymity) on the Podcast when I can.

I have a feeling I'm missing one or two people... PLEASE alert me either for yourself or on behalf of another who has been so kind.  There have been so many wonderful individuals who've helped me out this year that I haven't been able to keep perfect track of all the names in PMs and E-Mails.

Thanks again so much.  I'm really floored by the generosity of this community.  I really do intend to pay it forward whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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