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Adepticon 2014 - Part 2: Interview & Boota Town

With the GT behind me, I was looking forward to a mostly relaxing day with the Freebootaz and other friends at Boota Town.  Every year, the Freebootaz rent a few tables so they can hang out and play games without having to beg, borrow, and steal for table space.  It's a nominal cost and inviting a friend is encouraged.  I also had an interview lined up with Black Library author, David Annandale for the Masters of the Forge podcast

The Interview

I was extremely nervous about the interview, partially because I was concerned about coming across as
unprofessional and partially because I had no idea whether the technology I'd set up would fail me or not.  Carl offered me some good advice regarding the interview and reassured me that I'd do fine.  He also offered to let me use his voice recorder in the event my setup failed. While I was still quite nervous, I know the advice and encouragement helped a great deal.

It didn't help my nerves any that I spent an hour and a half before the interview downloading, installing, and testing the recording software on my laptop.  I deleted as much as I could from the laptop and my phone to avoid them filling up prematurely.  Snorre had reassured me that I should have plenty of room, but I wasn't taking any chances.

The Westin was kind enough to grant me access to a quiet boardroom which was very important especially considering I don't have professional recording equipment with which to filter out background noise.

By the end of the interview, I felt quite at ease.  Mr.Annandale was gracious and forthcoming; I think he genuinely enjoyed the experience.  The equipment and software both behaved themselves.   Mr.Annandale wore mic/headphones and was recorded on the laptop with Audacity.  I was recorded using my Samsung Galaxy's Voice Recorder. I don't think I embarrassed myself, either.  After he and I shook hands and thanked one another, I walked away feeling really great about the rest of the weekend. 

Folks should be able to hear the interview on episode 2 of the podcast.  I'll keep everyone posted on the release dates, which should be soon.

Boota Town

I didn't make it to Boota Town until lunch time. It looked like the event was well underway.  I regret
this because if I'd skipped the GT, Mr.Annandale was more than willing to have our interview on Thursday evening which would have cleared up my Friday for hanging out with the 'Bootaz.

Lathan had his skyways and other laser cut stuff set out as well as this year's prizes which included an Imperial Knight and a Dreamforge Leviathan Crusader.  There were lots of tables.  Most of them were set up for 40k, but there was a sweet Zone Mortalis board as well as a few mats for X-Wing.  Hack and Lathan did a great job.

While my wife, Wendy, and I ate our lunch, we watched the last moments of the Dread duel which was taking place in a Zone Mortalis board where each player brings a walker of some type to compete against each other.  Last dread standing wins!  It looked really exciting.  I think a Zone Mortalis board is a great setup for an event of this type since it allows the fighting to get up close and personal.  The group broke out and did some other games.  I just got started on a game of Munchkin Apocalypse, but bailed because I realized my game with Carl was scheduled soon and I wanted to make sure the table was set up.

My Game With Carl

I made sure to be the first to put my name on Carl's dance card months ago.  Since the dark of winter, I've been planning a fun scenario for us to play. 

Several weeks ago, he received a letter in the mail which read:

+++++++++++++ begin trans ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
++        ++
++ DATE:  838.M41                                               ++
++ AUTHOR:  Chapter Master Marneas Calgar                       ++
++ RECIPIENT:  Chief Librarian Tigirius                         ++
++ CARBON COPY:  ########## ###### ###    ++
++ SUBJECT:  A Slippery Situation at Sundown   ++
++        ++
++        ++
++ I was heartened to hear that you had ultimately survived  ++
++ your engagement with the Tyranid splinter fleet.  The  ++
++ appearance of the ###### ## ### ###### was a clear indicator ++
++ that your situation was grave to be sure.     ++
++         ++
++ Although morale aboard the Battle Barge must be low, I must ++
++ ask yet more of you and your Battle Brothers.  A situation  ++
++ has arisen on the world of Sundown along the Tau border.  I  ++
++ don't need to tell you that the worlds bordering the Tau  ++
++ Empire must show strength in both military might and faith  ++
++ in the Emperor as the Tau message is often quite ########  ++
++ to Imperial citizens.     ++
++         ++
++ An Ork WAAGH! has been tracked rampaging across Imperial  ++
++ space along the Tau border.  They largely leave Tau worlds  ++
++ alone, but have no compunction about plundering others.  In  ++
++ some ways, they've been a boon to the Imperium by cleansing  ++
++ several planets of ##### ##### and the scourge of the  ++
++ #######.  It is time, however, that they are stopped in  ++
++ their tracks.        ++
++        ++
++ Ten thousand Greenskins attacked planet Sundown in an  ++
++ uncharacteristically coordinated and characteristically  ++
++ brutal assault.  Several cities fell within a week.  Even  ++
++ though the WAAGH!'s Warlord (going by the dubious name Mad  ++
++ Doc Drillteef, D.D.S) was not present at invasion, some of ++
++ his generals certainly were.     ++
++         ++
++ Fortunately, the Imperial Guard have beaten back the  ++
++ Greenskins and incinerated the lands which had been taken.   ++
++ With luck, spores will not take hold.  After a month of no  ++
++ enemy contact, victory was declared on Sundown.  ++
++         ++
++ A short three months later, the Imperial Guard reported acts ++
++ of sabotage against them and the infrastructure on Sundown. ++
++ For the next six months they were unsuccessful at rooting ++
++ out the insurgency of Orks.  This behavior seems to  ++
++ validate the testimony of ## ##### at his court-martial.  At ++
++ any rate, there seem to be very few Orks remaining on the  ++
++ planet, though they need to be found and rooted out, a task  ++
++ which the Emperor's blunt hammer is finding difficult.  It  ++
++ is your honor to finish the fight in their stead.  ++
++         ++
++ Be wary, Brother.  These Orks are wily beasts.  Although I  ++
++ would not expect a great deal of vehicles, I would   ++
++ prepare yourself to do battle with some battle-hardened and  ++
++ resourceful enemies.  This is not normally the warning I  ++
++ give before a battle with Orks, but we must be flexible for  ++
++ the situation at hand.       ++
++         ++
++ You will rendezvous with a Rogue Trader, The Lady's Halo at  ++
++ Braxis before you proceed to Sundown.  We have sent   ++
++ Techmarine Pulveris along with some equipment which should  ++
++ better fit your mission against these cunning foes.  ++
++         ++
++ Decimate every Ork you see, Tigirius.  Cleanse the world of  ++
++ their menace.        ++
++        ++ 
++ Additionally, there are scattered reports that the Orks  ++
++ have stolen several Imperial Cogitators in a recent raid.   ++
++ It seems unlikely that the Orks could make heads or tails  ++
++ of these devices, but they do seem to be of some importance  ++
++ to the Administratum on Sundown.  Recover these, if   ++
++ possible.       ++
++         ++
++ May the Emperor's will be with you, Brother.  You shall  ++
++ emerge victorious and those who take the field with you  ++
++ shall cleanse their honor of the stains left by the   ++
++ Tyranids.       ++
++         ++
++ Courage and Honor!      ++
++        ++
++        ++
++ Thought For the Day:  None are safe from the insidious claws ++ 
++ of Heresy, not even the Emperor's finest.                    ++
++        ++
+++++++++++++   end trans  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Then a week later, he received this letter along with a package containing a somewhat crudely-assembled Whirlwind tank:

Chief Librarian Tigirius -

I apologize for not being able to meet in person. We are in a hurry to make for the Vulgaris system with a shipment of ammunition for the Chapter's efforts there. I have included this message in the package itself in order to avoid the usual annoying Inquisitorial scrubbing. I hope that the equipment sent in this container will help bring you victory against the Greenskin filth on Sundown.

Within the container, please find a MKIIb Whirlwind Artillery Support Tank. This venerated machine may not look like much, but it once served the Black Consuls with distinction. It was found on a small world in Ultima Segmentum after we followed a few breadcrumbs which Captain Galenus was hoping would lead to some survivors. All they found was the remains of a few destroyed squads.

The servitors only had time to strip the tint from its hull. Yours will have to paint it in our Chapter's colors.

I've analyzed the machine and it seems to have some odd modifications. The exhaust system seems to have been completely ripped out and replaced with something more rudimentary. The back pressure on the piping is insufficient for bursts of speed, but this seems to matter little for an artillery tank. Also, the manned gunnery compartment has been stripped out. All of this has made room for more ammunition. Unfortunately, the entire top turret needs to be removed in order to load the magazine, making it nearly impossible to reload in the field.

One would think that these modifications would render the vehicle incapable of firing, but the venerable tank seems to have a canny machine spirit capable of taking verbal orders from its pilots in the forward compartments.

I have loaded the remaining space in the container with all four known missile types for the Whirlwind including Vengeance, Castellan, Incendiary, and Hyperios missiles which this amazing machine is capable of firing. I'd love to crack it open to find out how the Black Consuls managed to devise such a loading mechanism, but there was no time. Besides, the Machine Spirit seems unwilling to allow us to delve too deeply into its guts. It killed three servitors when they attempted to delve its awkward exhaust system.

Additionally, I've devised something which I've been discussing with the Librarius for some time. They've always been vulnerable against our most dangerous foes in personal combat, but I've been tinkering with a few old suits of MKV armor and a spare Iron Halo. I can see where the problems have been for other Techmarines in the past. It's impossible to power both a Psychic Hood and an Iron Halo at the same time. Not only that, but the energy fields that both emanate create quite a mind-jarring resonance which any Librarian, no matter their mental fortitude, would find far too distracting.

I know that for a Librarian to go without his Psychic Hood is a disturbing concept, so I've put together a standard power armor backpack and fitted it with the old Iron Halo and a switch. I've included instructions for your Servitors to integrate the backpack with your armor if you so desire. If you do, you should be able to switch between the use of your Iron Halo and Psychic Hood at will using your Auto-Senses interface.

I hope this equipment will help secure you victory. May the Emperor's light shine upon you and your Brothers, Chief Librarian.

Courage and Honor!

- Techmarine Dentos Pulveris

Then, just before Adepticon, I posted this:

And while on the road, shared this mission with him:

Tigirius vs. Drillteef

Supernatural Heresy

Wile returning from a dreadful mission against the Tyranids, Chief Librarian Tigirius is contacted by Marneas Calgar with orders to make a detour.  A small world very near the cruiser's course has been invaded by Orks.  While the bulk of the Ork forces were easily dealt with by the  Imperial Guard, an elite group of Ork raiders continue to plague the world. In addition, the Orks seem to have absconded with a stickpile of cogitators containing proof of Chaos incursions in early Terran history in the guise of a dramatic presentation called "Supernatural".  This heresy must be exterminated.


Space Marines:  
The Space Marines are led by Chief Librarian Tigirius.  He's been issued special issue wargear thanks to a rendezvous with an Ultramar-aligned transport vessel.  This equipment allows him to redirect power from his Psychic Hood to an Iron Halo at the start of any Space Marine player turn.
Additionally,  command has granted Tigirius a relic Whirlwind to assist him in his rooting out of these cowardly Orks.  This tank is included in the Space Marine list at no points cost.  It has some idiosyncrasies.  The Whirlwind is incapable of moving cruising speed or moving flat out.  However, the Whirlwind's machine spirit hates orks and may re-roll scatter against orks and also boasts all the variant ammo types from Imperial Armor.


Roll for a random deployment type.


The 6x4 table should be set up in the usual way.


Players take it in turns to each place two Cogitators on the battlefield.  One Cogitator must be placed outside the player's deployment zone and one cogitator must be placed inside their opponent's deployment zone.


Cogitator Sabotage
The Ultramarines receive 4 victory points for each Cogitator destroyed. Since these devices boast a rather strong defensive mechanism and have been quite well-reinforced by the Orks, the Ultramarines may only destroy a Cogitator by holding an objective with a scoring unit for one entire game turn. When a Cogitator has been sabotaged, it is removed from play. Troops and Techmarines of any variety count as a scoring unit for the purposes of this mission.
Season Upload
The Orks receive 1 victory point for each swason of Supernatural they upload to their Kill Kroozer in orbit.  A season is uploaded for each objective held by an Ork scoring unit at the end of an Ork player turn.  
Only Elite choices and Big Meks are considered scoring units for the Orks for this mission.
Kill Points
Either side receives 1 victory point for each enemy unit destroyed.
Secondary Missions
First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Linebreaker are all in play for 1 victory point each.

We started playing the game out.  We were inundated throughout our game with folks who wanted to say hi to Carl and take pictures of my Stompa, El Queso Grande which we were using as terrain.  I have zero complaints about either. It was nice, as always, to meet new people.

Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page
I put together a quick 1500 point list with a few odds & ends from my army.  Of course, I gave Mad Doc a spin as usual, but also brought out my Adepta Sororkitas for some table time.

Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page
Carl's army was very well-rounded with good choices from top to bottom including, as promised, Tigirius as the Warlord and the Whirlwind I'd sent him which was still in medias res paint-wise.

I think the highlight for the Orks was when the Terminators mishapped on their Deepstrike and were teleported directly in front of my mob of Shoota Boyz.  Hurrah!  New Mega Armor to loot!

Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page
Then, when I rolled for reserves, my Kommandos arrived from their months-long captivity within the Trojan Whirlwind

Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page

I thought for sure that something would happen to expose the Kommandos... either one would come loose inside the tank or the magnets wouldn't hold.  I thought even that naming the Techmarine "Dentos Pulveris" would be too much of a give-away.  Fortunately it seemed like he was totally surprised and delighted.

Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page
Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page

He, then, proceeded to annihilate me to the last Ork.  So much dakka!  I guess I deserved it.  Let's be honest, though... the number of Orks killed can never justify the elite warriors lost in this conflict!

Photo Credit: The Independent Characters Facebook Page

We had a wonderful game.  I was really glad to play Carl and chat with him for a few hours while we did so.  At the very least we had a few really great laughs.

Until next time, Tuttle!  Revenge shall be mine!

My Game With Jason

Shortly before Adepticon, Jason and I chatted about having a game also.  I was ecstatic as Jason seemed like a great guy to have a fun game with.  We agreed to meet up and pit each other's Bikes against each other.  Originally, we were gonna play an 'MERICAN points level (2k or so), but we were running out of time before dinner at Giordano's, so we cut it down to 1000 points.

Since I was lending the majority of my bikes to Adan for the 40k Friendly tournament, I simply used one squad of bikes and some Nob Bikerz.  I also brought a Megaboss in a Battlewagon with some Lootaz.  Jason seemed tickled at the concept of driving around, shooting, and assaulting with the Lootaz thanks to the conferred Slow and Purposeful special rule from the Megaboss.  I love running that unit because it's not only pretty effective, but also way more fun than sitting with them behind a boring ol' Aegis Defense Line.

I think this game really showed how costly Ork models are in comparison to other Codecies.  I was very surprised to see how many Bikes Jason was able to fit in a 1000-point army.  I sure got my clock cleaned again!

At any rate, the game with Jason was super fun.  I enjoyed chattering with him while pushing my models around.    I really hope that we can have another game someday.


As usual, the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Giordano's was delicious.  While we waited for our food, one of the Geek Nation Tourers (Tourists?) pulled out a copy of Angry Sheep which was good for a laugh.

I picked up a frozen one for the Morrisons who were taking care of our cats.  The desk clerk did turn his nose up  to it when I asked him to put it in the freezer, though.  He gave me some names of a few places he said were much better. I can't imagine that because Giordano's is always very good, but I'll see about trying some other places next year.  Locals usually do know best, after all.

Kindred Spirits

I had an absolutely wonderful Friday.  I really feel like I met and hung out with some kindred spirits (as Anne Shirley would say).  My only regret is that there wasn't enough time in the day.

That's quite enough for tonight, though.  With any luck, I'll be able to post Part 3 tomorrow when I'll talk about the Team Tournament.

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