Monday, March 24, 2014

Dirty Goblin March 2014 Singles Tournament

So, as I am soul-crushingly busy with Adepticon prep work, let's see if we can't sneak in this Battle Report during my lunch.  I have 25 minutes!  And.... GO!

So, I brought my current list which includes the following groups:

  • Mad Doc attached to a squad of 10 Nobz with a Bosspole, Waagh! Banner, 2x Power Klaws, and Cybork Bodies in a dedicated Battlewagon with Red, Ram, and a Big Shoota.
  • A Big Mek with a Shokk Attack Gun and an Ammo Runt sitting in a unit of 3x Zzapguns with Ammo Runts behind an Aegis Defense with a Quadgun.
  • A Battlewagon (3 Big Shootas, Red, Ram, Stikkbomm Chucka) with 18 Shoota Boyz and a Big Shoota/Bosspole Nob.
  • A Battlewagon (Kannon, Red, Ram) with 18 Shoota Boyz and a Big Shoota/Bosspole Nob.
  • Shazzo Blitzklaws (Zagstruk) with 8 or 9 Stormboyz
  • A squad of 8 Lootaz
  • Another squad of 8 Lootaz

There was a light turnout for the actual tourney as everyone was hurridly preparing their display boards for Adepticon. Having said that, of course, we all had some nice games.  

Sadly, I do not have time to do a detailed analysis of each game.  I'll just place the general Lessons Learned up here at the top of the page and let you look at the pictures underneath if you are so inclined.

Lessons Learned:

I really did enjoy the Shokk Attack Gun.  It was a lot of fun lobbing pieplates across the table and it did seem to do some work throughout the game.  Putting him in with the Grot Artillery with Zzapguns was wonderful thanks to the Toughness 7; he rarely had to make any leadership tests and when he did, his 8 leadership was key to their survival.  I actually feel like I have a unit which can do some modicum of work against higher value targets.

The Lootas under-performed badly in my last game against the Heldrakes.  My strategy against a list with a lot of Vector Striking was to hold back with the Battlewagons until the threat was diminished.  Against the Heldrakes, I would put the Lootaz in the Battlewagons instead of the Boyz and walk the Boyz on from reserve.  Unfortunately, one Battlewagon was incinerated in turn 1 by a triple-Lascannon Predator, exploded, and the Lootaz ran off the table.  I can see this being an immense problem at the tournament and I feel myself slowly turning towards the use of Dakkajets again.  At least the Dakkajets look awesome, though they are useless against AV 13 or greater and if I bring them, I'm bound to fight a Necron AV13 wall because reasons.  At the end of the day, I am just plain tired of baby-sitting my Lootaz.

The Nobz were wonderful to bring to the table again.  It's been far too long since I've done so.  With Mad Doc in the unit granting them Fearless, they aren't quite so crappy and using so many standard Choppa/Slugga Nobz is a wonderful weight of dice in assault.  Of course, this unit will be terrible against anything that's even remotely good, but I think it'll do fine if I deploy properly.  I definitely need to add Stikkbommz to the squad; at 1pt per model, it's a steal against a lot of the enemies I'll be facing next week.  I can easily pay for this by removing some of the weird upgrades on my Battlewagons.

Game 1

Scenario:  Adepticon Mission 1 - Purge and Crusade
Opponent:  Necrons - a very good, mobile mix, heavy on Immortals
Result:  Minor victory Orks.

Game 2

Scenario:  Adepticon Mission 2 - Emperor's Will and Scouring
Opponent: Chaos Daemons - almost pure Nurgle led by big fatty himself.
Result:  Major Victory Orks

Game 3

Scenarop:  Adepticon Mission 3 - The Relic and Fixed-Position Crusade
Opponent: Chaos Space Marines/Daemons - double dragon with Typhus and daemons for scoring
Result:  Major victory Chaos

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