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Flash Gitz Test Part 1: Phil's Tyranids

I've always wanted to give Flash Gitz a go. It stands to reason that Ork sound-based weapons should be far deadlier than anything created by dumb 'umies.  Of course, we aren't so good with the target acquisition, but that's what Ammo Runts are for, am I right?

For the Adepticon Team Tournament, I've picked up some of the Goff Rockerz models to use for the "factions brought together by the power of the metal" theme we're doing. My initial lists boast simple Nobz with a Battlewagon dedicated transport, but I really wanted to do some test games with the Flash Gitz themselves in order to suss out whether it was a fun option or not.

The first game I'm going to share is the super fun 1850 game I played against Phil's Tyranids last night.  Granted, I played in the Dirty Goblin Team Tournament on Saturday, but I don't think I can actually write the entire rundown for that during my 30-minute lunch, so we'll start off with this game.

This is also a rare appearance for my Cyboar-Riding Nobz.  I love the models, but am often concerned about their Leadership problems for their points.  Of course, most people don't run them in groups of ten, but I just couldn't help myself... I even added a Painboy even though Mad Doc would join them.  I've often wondered if adding Mad Doc to this squad might be viable since you can string the unit out for assaults without worrying too much about Mad Doc lagging behind.

My list:  Mad Doc Drillteef D.D.S, 10x Cyboar-Riding Nobz (3 power klaws, 3 big choppas, 1 kombi-skorcha, bosspole, WAAGH! banner, Painboy, Grot orderly, bikes, cybork bodies - I forgot the stikkbomm chuckas), 9x Flash Gits (Painboy, shootier, more dakka), Warboss Gitsmasha ('eavy armor, attack squig, bosspole), The Electrork Mayhem (red, ram, big shoota), The Fat Pig (red, ram, 3x big shootas), 10x Gretchin, 10x Gretchin, 10x Gretchin

Phil's List:  Tyrant (2 scything talons, old adversary, ymgarl factor), Deathleaper, 30x Hormagaunts (toxin), 10x Genestealers (Broodlord, talons), 11x Genestealers (Broodlord, talons), Trygon Prime, 6 Warriors (6x rending claws, 3x devourers, 3x talons, and 6x hooks), Zoanthrope, Carnifex (talons, spines), Carnifex (talons, spines), Lictor, Lictor.

Our terrain was sufficient, if a little light... an abandoned town in the wilderness.

We rolled Adepticon 2013 Mission 1 which is Kill Points and d3+2 Objectives, of which we rolled four and, of course, placed a bit aggressively!

I deployed along a wide front in the hopes of scattering Phil's units.

Mad Doc himself led the Cyboar Nobz onto the field of battle!

A fuzzy shot of the Hivemind's battle lines.  The Lictors are in Reserve.

The Trygon and his Carnifex bodyguards. Note the stylish chapeau!

Drillteef and the Cyboar riders rush forward.  The Flash Gits carefully edge up into firing range.  Both units are able to make hamburger out of a few Hormagaunts and Genestealers as well as put a few holes in the carapace of the Trygon, but that certainly does not stop the bugs' advance.

The enemy slinks through the shadows towards the Nobz.

The great mistake of this game is my bloodlust, as it often is.  The Flash Gits unload towards the Hormagaunts with visions of eradicating the unit dancing in their heads.  The Electrork Mayhem backs into the Ironbark Forest in order to allow some arriving Gretchin to embark next turn.

The Genestealers and one of the Carnifex engage the Nobz who prove to be tough as nails.

The Gretchin intend on Wagonjacking the poor Lootaz. Such bullies!

It is an exciting and brutal scrum in the big central ruin.  If it weren't already in pieces, they sure would be making a mess of the place.  Another mistake of mine was placing a Power Klaw in assault with the large monstrous creature.  I need to stop forgetting to throw the cheaper models first.  In this case, my Invulnerable saves didn't fail me every time, but they could easily have done.

The Ammo Runts cheer on the Flash Gits.

More carnage at the center.

Most of the gribblies are dead, but they are, unfortunately, fearless.  Gitsmasha's gambit is lost for they will soon be engaged by the Warriors lurking in the ruin beyond.

Lictors appear from out of nowhere.  The Gretchin quake with terror.

The Warriors strike!  The brave Ammo Runts continue to cheer for bloodshed on either side.

Uh oh.

The Nobz begin to stretch themselves thin.

After taking light damage from shooting, the Orange Gretchin pile into the Electrork Mayhem and drive away while the Red Gretchin, enraged at the deaths of their allies, affix "bayonets" and pile around one of the Lictors.  Deathleaper, meanwhile, takes two wounds from Lootaz even though he went to ground.

The brave Lootaz want blood!  So, they give up their ride for the terrified Gretchin.

This happens.

Deathleaper does a double-take.... say what?

The carnifex, Trygon, and remaining Genestealers kill enough Nobz that they are unable to pile back into combat.

Although, the fight rages on between Mad Doc and the Tyrant!

Things are looking grim for the Lootaz, though the enemies bearing down on them are bloodied!

An overwhelming bloodlust has overtaken the Gretchin of WAAGH! Drillteef!

The battle between the Flash Gits and the Warriors stretches on for most of the game.

The Carnifex crashes into the Lootaz.

But his already-wounded body is overwhelmed by their swarm of attacks!  Apparently, hitting someone with a Deffgun hurts... a lot!
Mad Doc is uncereomiously smashed unconscious by the Tyrant.

The Lictor erases the Red Gretchin, though the Orange Gretchin will have none of it... particularly because their Battlewagon is now immobilized thanks to a Zoanthrope which is sure to explode the vehicle very soon.

Because reasons.

Second Lictor killed in close combat by Gretchin!

And, then, Deathleaper attempts an assault.  Attempts.  Twenty Gretchin have officially killed three Lictors, one of them being Deathleaper.  This is probably the greatest moment in the entire game.
The Flash gits and Gitsmasha break and run from combat.

Uh oh.

Aaaannnnnnnd.... overwatch!

The Warriors catch up with the Flash Gits, but the Orange Gretchin will have none of that as their Runtherder urges them forward with a crack of the whip!
Not one to miss an opportunity to save his own skin, Gitsmasha runs out of combat, leaving the single surviving Runtherder to fight the remainder of the battle.
Such is the life of an Ork.

Not pictured are the two destroyed Battlewagons.  The Fat Pig was eventually lanced to death by the Zoanthrope and the Gretchin therein ran off the board.  


Tyranids 12
Objectives (10)
Linebreaker (1)
Slay the Warlord (1)

Orks 11
Kill Points (10)
First Blood (1)

Lessons Learned:

The Adepticon missions are just wonderful.  I'd forgotten how much I love using them because the two primary missions are worth the same number of points.  Phil's army had a clear weakness on Kill Points and even in a dual-mission format from other tournaments he would have been at quite a disadvantage.  However, by bringing lots of scoring units, he was able to secure the Objectives portion of the scenario.  He was, then, rewarded for his aggressive play style by scoring the additional two secondary points for the win.  It takes a true all-comers list to score both missions in every game.

The Flash Gits are good.  They didn't really show their colors in this game because I really misused them by throwing them into assault.  I should not have been so cocky about their ability to kill the gribblies and I should not have been so concerned about the well-being of the Grots.

Assaulting with the Flash Gits so early in the game was dumb. They are for shooting. You pay a premium for their shooting.  Shoot early. Assault later.

Nob Bikers are good.  There's no doubt about that.  They're really good and having Mad Doc to babysit them with Fearless wasn't too bad.  I don't think he will cause them too many maneuverability issues.  They can still get into combat and multi-assault like crazy thanks to their huge bases.  I just need to make sure to deploy them with great care so they get cover as they advance towards the nearest enemy unit.

High-priced units in general are interesting.  My kill points with this list are low, but I am seeing where I am missing terribly having some Boyz or Stormboyz to tie up or kill threats around the board.  Each big unit needs to be able to kill a unit and do so quickly.  That's a tough pill to swallow.

As for the Grots, well... let's say I'll never underestimate them again!

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