Friday, February 28, 2014

Warp Mek Sizzlegrub

Sizzlegrub is one of WAAGH! Drillteef's many Big Meks.  However no one would say Sizzlegrub doesn't stand out in a crowd.   He's constantly working at miniaturizing Tiny Sun Teknology ® to produce stranger and stranger contraptions including the deadly Shokk Attack Gun!  Between his meddling with the power of the Warp and his many bionik implants, he's become a bit unhinged.

Of course, can any boss in WAAGH! Drillteef claim to have a totally unbroken noggin?

~ * ~

It has been far too long since I've put paint on an Ork model.  Far. Too. Long.  I'd almost forgotten how relaxing it is to delightfully splash paint on a familiar miniature.  I still have work to do for the podcast and I have a bunch of Orks to paint for Adepticon.  I also have to paint a Sisters squad for March, but then it's right back to the grindstone with my commission.

These aren't really beauty shots.  I took these really quick with my phone.  I haven't even gotten a layer of Testor's Dullkote on him yet, but I had to get some photos up before midnight tonight in order to make my February Motivational Challenge for the Freeboota forums.  I am now officially at "March" for both the Moto Challenge and the Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge.

I'll probably go back and touch a few things up.  As usual, the skin needs an additional highlight.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Flash Gitz and an Embarrassing Cavalcade of Failure

Hola, blog-readers!  I'm sure everyone can tell by the title that, from a competitive standpoint, I did not do so well at the tournament yesterday.  I had a fun time as usual, but I really got hosed pretty badly.

Usually, I do a long description of what happened, then give you my Lessons Learned at the end.  I think I'll spare everyone a pretty boring account of what happened.  Instead, I'll hit you with the Lessons Learned first, give you my favorite moment of the Tournament, then post my photos of the event.

Thanks again to the fellas over at Dirty Goblin Games for being great hosts.

Also, congratulations to my buddy Francis for taking first place with his Ork/Farsight list.  Farsight Enclaves is a great  ally for Orks.  The book really does a great job of filling in a lot of the Orks' weaknesses.  Francis's list is, in brief, 3 Battlewagons loaded with Boyz, a KFF Big Mek, A Megaboss, an Aegis with a Quadgun manned by Grots, a Riptide with the Ionic weapon (which can be overcharged safely thanks to Farsight Enclaves), a Commander in a swarm of Marker Drones (yay, BS 5!), and a suit squad.  I'm pretty sure he takes melta on the suits.  I'll try to get his real list for you at some point.

Lessons Learned

Flash Gitz really are very good and very fun, but also way too expensive and take up a valuable Heavy slot.  I know what many of you are thinking right now.... "DUH!"  Well, my personal opinion on the matter of deciding whether or not a unit is good is to actually try it on the field of battle before passing judgement.  I've used the Flash Gitz in several games now and I think that my conclusion is, at this point, quite proven.

They are a fun unit, but games with them can be very un-fun because you have to spend those points on the Flash Gitz instead of a different fun unit.  I think I'll still have a small unit of Flash Gitz in my Team Tournament list, but not in the GT.  My goal is to maintain my 50% win/loss ratio there while still bringing a fun list and I don't think I can do that with the Flash Gitz.

I really need to think of some way of dealing with Monstrous Creatures.  I'm at a loss for what to do with just the Ork codex.  I did get the majority of the ones I fought yesterday down to 2 or even 1 wound, but I could never seal the deal.  In my mind, I keep coming back to Zzap guns and Lootaz.  I'm not sure because I really need the Battlewagons, though Toughness 7 Gretchin is an amusing thought. Perhaps I'll try adding Zzapguns to my Battlewagons, though at BS2 with no re-rolls, that seems like a no-starter.  The idea of going more Nob-heavy just for the non-Heavy Battlewagons had occurred to me.  I probably do have to rely on Lootaz and, I'm not afraid to say, that makes me sad.  I hate Lootaz.

I'm pretty sure, however, I hate my ICs getting punked by smash attacks more than I hate using Lootaz, though, so there's that.

Trazyn the Not-So-Infinite

This moment made my night.

Old Zogwort attached to Snikrot is super fun.  It's a done deal that this unit is gonna be in my GT list. Still not sure of whether or not to spend the points to give them Cybork Bodies, though.  It always did me well in 5th edition, but we'll see.


Game 1 

Note: initiative seized against me.

Game 2

Buy.  :(

Game 3