Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Time of Adepticon Waxes and, Once Again, List Angst!

Another Adepticon is in the crosshairs.  I'm fairly certain that my kvetching from the previous Adepticon and from Da Boyz GT will not make a resurgence.  I think that I know I want to bring nice-looking and fun models over competitive choices.  That's kind of a given at this point as I always come out of a GT glad that I brought the pretty models and received accolades for them.

Having said all of that, I do foresee a little bit of hemming and hawing.

The thing is, I do want to compete. I want to build a cohesive list which stands a chance against at least half of my opponents.  The list needs to be fun not only for me, but my opponent.  If I can at least surprise a tough opponent, if not win, that'll please me.

SSSSHHHH! Be vewwy vewwy quiet! I'm 'unting 'UMMIES!

This year, I think that WAAGH! Drillteef really does need to hire Boss Snikrot again. It's been quite some time since their paths have crossed, but I'm having trouble shifting my opponents' forces around the board and threatening their flanks.  Given, Snikrot can no longer assault after coming in from reserve, but he's still a threat, especially with Mad Doc attached and a couple of Burnas in there. Snikrot, combined with Shazzo Blitzklaws (Boss Zagstruk),  I might generate enough threat to get my opponents to bunch up.  If I can get my opponents to bunch their models up, I should be able to focus my assaults and support my own units when they invariably lose their transports.

With the use of the Stormboyz and Kommandos (and probably a pair of Dakkajets because they are among my best models), It may be that it's time to take the Defense Line out of retirement or use WAAGH! Tower (my Bastion) with the Comms Relay.  That Relay can be a real help when you absolutely need models to come in or stay out at a clutch moment.  It's not a guarantee, but it's something. Although WAAGH! Tower is kind of a pain in the butt, it does give me something to hide an objective behind and provides a pillbox for Lootaz.

I would also love to bring some Flash Gitz, but I'm probably gonna draw the line there.  My Goff Rockers models would be so rad for that unit and I could use the Electrork Mayhem as their transport. The unfortunate part is that they're a heavy choice and I don't think I'm ready to give up a Heavy slot just to bring in the band.

So here's a list of the stuff I think is on the "must have" list for various reasons:

Adepticon 2014 - 04

1414 out of 1850 Pts spent

1 Mad Doc Drillteef, 160 pts (Warlord)

1 Big Chef Grubzog, 40 pts (Bosspole)

10 Gretchin, 40 pts
   1 Runtherd

1 Deff Dread, 105 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Dreadnought CCW x2)

3 Meganobz, 180 pts (Cybork Body)
   1 Trukk (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram)

4 Kommandos, 155 pts (Burna x2)
   1 Boss Snikrot

1 Dakkajet, 130 pts (TL Supa Shoota x3; Flyboss)

1 Dakkajet, 130 pts (TL Supa Shoota x3; Flyboss)

7 Stormboyz, 169 pts
   1 Shazzo Blitzklaws

1 The Fat Pig, 105 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Big Shoota x1)

1 Orktimus Prime, 105 pts (Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Big Shoota x1)

1 WAAGH! Tower, 95 pts (Emplaced Heavy Bolters x4; Comms Relay)

That leaves us very little room for Troops.  I'm kind of torn on the Looted Paladins. They are one of my coolest konversions as far as I'm concerned and I'd miss them sorely.  Having said that, I really hate going in light on Boyz and I'd also love to add more bodies to Snikrot's squad and possibly Cybork Bodies.

Also in my head is the possibility of dropping my Big Chef and taking Old Greg (Zogwort).  It would really delight me if I even got one opportunity to make a Buff Commander or some other jerk turn into a Squig.

Not sure. I'm going to leave the rest open for discussion and thought for now.  Please throw a comment below if you've got any ideas besides asking Adepticon to give Orks more points... **because that's what we really need**!  

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