Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Competitive Blame Game

If you've ever believed "competitive" and "WAAC" are synonymous, or said "GW Hasn't made a competitive game, so why are you trying", please do listen to episode 188 of the 11th Company from 3:34:05.  I know that this podcast isn't everyone's cuppa, but please give it a try.  I just thought Neil's points this week really reflected my own feelings on the subject in a way that I've never been able to articulate as well.

The point is that bad rules -- whether they be rules which create a severely imbalanced environment (Tau), or rules which are just broken and don't work (Out of Range FAQ), or rules which are incomplete (Stronghold Assault) -- affect all of us, not just for "competitive players" or "powergamers".  And it's not the competitive gamers' fault.  The blame rests solely on the shoulders of game design laziness.

Hold them responsible.

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