Sunday, January 19, 2014

My ENTIRE (hobby) Situation

Some folks have been discussing their hobby areas and bitz boxes.  I decided to share my current disaster area and then became ashamed and found the energy to remedy my mess.  Things had actually gotten much worse than ever before and it took hours to clean things up and get everything back in its place.

I'm also going to try and turn over a new leaf and get some commission work done this week... I swear it!!!!

Be sure to CLICK images to zoom in on them.

At any rate, here is my Situation before the clean-up.  I know.  Your gorge must rise at its very sight!

Fast forward a good 48 or so hours...

My constant hobby companion, Fritz.

Under the desk I have a little place to put my feet up as well as my hobby
toolbox and every National Geographic magazine since 1987.

The upper level.  I've been meaning to put that poster up for months.

The lower two shelves.  From right to left, top to bottom.  Rocks, sand, flock,
bases, hobby sticks, alcohol, brush soap, pastels, chalk, Hirst Arts molds,
masking tape, crayons, two Usagi Yojimbos, Puss in Boots, ammo shells,
glue gun sticks, paint water container thingy, old man pill box, rulers and
triangles, cutting mat, ALL the glue, camera, pills because I am really fat.

Top shelves.  Spaceships, more spaceships, and the droids you are
probably looking for.

Bitz boxes and other devices including my buddy's hot wire foam factory,
my glue gun, dremel tool, and an extra lamp and extension cord for when
friends come over to hobby.

My bitz start in here.  This card sorter sits on my desk and I throw random
bitz in it as I get them.

This is a big box of random bitz and also other weird household and
common household items and hardware items which I think will someday
be useful for one project or another.

Space Marine bitz.

Ork bitz. This box is nearly totally full.

Vehicle bitz, usually used on Orks.

My hobby toobox.

Inside the toolbox.

The hobby supply drawer.

From where I sit.

However, the Situation in the game room remains largely unchanged.

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