Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mganga Moto Mwitaji

Moto Mwitaji is considered by many to be the bravest of all the Star Eagles' Mganga to the point where some say his zeal borders on suicidal.  As such, he is primarily deployed with the Chapter's Third Company or Eighth Company.  Mwitaji has always had a deep connection with fire, seeing it as a living force of nature.  He is often seen to commune with it in times of great need. This worship sets him apart from not only the other Mganga, but all the Star Eagles. Many of the Astartes are wary of the Mganga's strange spiritual nature, however they do not deny his assistance when it comes in a blast of heat and a wave of flame.

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It was 11:30 last night when we finished our D&D session.  I'd drank an entire pot of coffee throughout the evening and was not really in the mode for sleep.  I found myself almost unconsciously reaching for the last gray plastic model in my Space Marines collection.  I was up until 3:30 painting him and I'm largely pleased with how he came out.

Please note that my Space Marines are a speedpaint army... they're there purely for quick and fun paint work and for a different army to play.

As such, the quality on my Star Eagles pales in comparison to my Orks.  I still think Mr. Mwitaji is awesome, though.

The expressive face on the plastic Librarian model is really quite wonderful.

I love the layered textures on this model.  It makes for a challenging
paint job, but a very interesting model in the end.

You'll notice some Grey Knight and Dark Angels bitz used here. I'm
saving the flying war baby for my Saint Celestine model.
Mwitaji's Brand can incinerate even the mightiest of foes in one swing!
Sgt. Taia in this picture represents the usual paint scheme for the Star
Eagles.  As the Chapter's Pyromancer, this Mganga has chosen to tint his
armor red and don yellow, flame-retardant cloth.

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  1. What?! I can't believe you painted him that color! That's just ridiculous and totally inappropriate!

    Every KNOWS that Librarians wear BLUE armor...