Sunday, December 29, 2013

Impromptu Non-Tourney was a Blast!

Every third Saturday of the month is a singles tournament at Dirty Goblin Games in Queensbury. Due to the holidays, we had a pretty low turnout, but we had enough (4) for a round-robin tourney, so we played the first two games.  I thought my Space Marines performed well, but I certainly did miss my flyers.  Playing seven drop pods is cool and all, but being able to have air cav to be johnny-on-the-spot with the dakka was sorely missed.

At any rate, one of the players dropped after turn two, so we decided, what the hell... we'll play a 2 vs 1 game on the winter board using four 1850 lists... Eldar and Space Marines vs the forces of Chaos!

On an icy wasteland, the forces of chaos advance on the Eldar position. Their goal... to take the symbol of Imperial might on the shore of the frozen lake. The statue is serving as The Relic and an objective.  

The Star Eagles arrive on pillars of flame! Hopefully, they don't melt through the ice!

The marines melt so many cultists that they leave burning piles of promethium-soaked flesh bits!
Trying to kill the Grimoire!
As usual, the Juggerlord mows through marines, but the Nurgle bikers fall pretty quickly to my Grav Guns, which is a welcome revelation.
We make quick work of the Defiler.
Brave Captain Taigana (Calgar) challenges the craven Abaddon in close combat.
And promptly dies.

The exarch wounds Abaddon in close combat! Show those monkeighs how it's done! 

A Heldrake makes mincemeat out of an exarch flyer. 

Another Heldrake bites it!
The poor tac squad takes three casualties from plasma overwatch and become trophies for the Dice God!
This assault is ill-conceived.

Kairos vector strikes the other Exarch from the sky.
The Chaos Space Marines emergency disembark from their melta-damaged Rhino and head for the statue! 

A daemon prince charges into the devastator squad and is murdered in overwatch thanks to Devastator Doctrine.

Abaddon derps himself with his own sword.

Another Daemon Prince tears apart the Lascannons on the Strongpoint like Devastator ripping into Autobot City.
Death to the heretics!
The Dire Avengers hold against Abaddon!

The Star Eagles win the day by capturing the Icon of the Emperor!

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