Sunday, September 1, 2013

Puppetswar "Flying Coffin" Complete

I've been spending a lot of time with my Space Marines of late, so it was really good to get my hands dirty with some Orks.  A Puppetswar "Flying Coffin" counts-as Dakkajet was sent to me from a friend and I've been champing at the bit to get started on it.

I assembled it in a Dakkajet configuration.  

There were some minor casting issues mainly involving the cables leading from the engines to the wing.  I used aluminum foil to cover up these trouble areas.  I also added a few extra plates.

I used my airbrush to spray several coats of orange.  In the end, it was quite brilliant.

Lots of Leadbelcher parts, of course.  I do quite love Leadbelcher, always have... no matter what they call it.

Here's the completed model.  I added a few minor details and weathering, making sure to streak in the direction of the air moving over the surface of the vehicle.

I painted Mad Doc Drillteef's symbol on the wing. I've got to do this with my other flyers as well, given time.

Here's the pilot.  I'm really impressed with the pilot and gunners in this kit.  They're really quite expressive and well-detailed.  

I strongly recommend this kit to anyone who plays Orks. It's about the right size and is a fun design.  It looks really beautiful with paint on.

Well, I'll be diving into the realm of commissions very soon.  Hopefully I'll find some time for the Orks in there somewhere.