Sunday, August 4, 2013

Boom Goes the Fortification

So, I immediately had to pick up a Vengeance Battery when I saw it at my local FLGS.  I squealed with glee (literally) when I saw that I could take what amounted to a pair of Leman Russ for my Orks at the low, low price of 170 points.  Well, thanks to the overall awesomeness and flexibility of my Space Marines, I was able to pick up the box after winning last month's singles tournament.  My three poor, defunct Looted Wagons frowned with unrelenting sadness when I brought this box home.

I started by putting the models together with the bare minimum bibs and bobs.  I also sawed off the skully bits.

I realized early on that I wanted to retain the struts on the ridges, but the ones included were far too stylized.  For this reason, I chose to saw off the "feet" and glue them on properly.

I, then, proceeded to add Orky bitz and plasticard plates/dags to the models.

Then, it was time to build the struts.  This was the most laborious stage of the task.  There were a lot of pieces that had to be pretty close in size in order to look good on the model, even for Orks.

I decided to do these in the same scheme as my Bastion, WAAGH! Tower.  So, I started with boltgun dusted with krylon silver.  I based with Apple Barrel Cobalt Blue and Bright Red.

And here they are, completed.

The Gretchin of WAAGH! Drillteef learned a long time ago that the best way to live a longer life was to develop the cunning necessary to be chosen as Mek's assistant.  Many of the Gretchin in the WAAGH! learn how to make simple repairs and, especially, scavenge the remains of the Orks' foes.  The Gretchin lead by Zorn da Kunnin are especially adept at re-purposing Imperial fortifications.  For the most part, the Grots achieve little more than welding extra plates on and painting the walls blue for luck.  However, recently Zorn's Gretchin have coaxed two big kannons into life.  The best part is they don't even blow up that many Orks during a fight!

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