Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big Chef Grubzog

Meet Big Chef Grubzog, WAAGH! Drillteef's chef. He's the oldest Ork in the WAAGH! (even for an Oddboy who have relatively low mortality rates in WAAGH! Drillteef) mainly because he's such a good cook and brewmaster. Grubzog has a graying chopstache and a very thin hairline.

The model is a Ogre Kingdoms model with the choppa replaced with a dollhouse frying pan given to me by my sister.  I glued some Deff Dred spikes to it to make it look Orky.  I also sculpted some extra details to the head to give it more of an Orky feel.

Added to the bottom is a little "Ammo Runt" carrying a tray with today's special under the lid.  I've been thinking about doing this model for a really long time and finding that little grot at Adepticon really sealed the deal for me.

Note the shortened beard, and also my greenstuff work:  enlarged forehead, Orky eyesockets, pointed orky ears, long back head, and flattened nose.  

So, unlike the other Orks, Grubzog has got relatively poor dental hygene. Fortunately, the few sockets in his face that are still capable of growing teef are kept in good condition by Drillteef's personal Grot Orderlies.

Grubzog is probably the fattest ork in the entire WAAGH!  He tastes everything he cooks.  Multiple times.

Here are the work in progress photos I snapped earlier:

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