Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012.01.12 Team Tournament at DGG

I attended a team tournament at Dirty Goblin Games this Saturday.  My ally and I both played Orks.  We had a great time.  We also won all of our games and won the tournament.  Here are the lists we took.

1200 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster - Team Tourney "Convoy"

1 Mad Dok Drillteef D.D.S., 160 pts

1 Mega-armoured Warboss, 110 pts (Bosspole; Cybork Body;  Warlord)

9 Meganobz, 515 pts (Count as Troop Troops; Cybork Body)
  1 Battlewagon (Grot Rigger; Red Paint Job; Reinforced Ram; Big Shoota x1)

14 Boyz, 105 pts
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole)

1 Battlewagon, 120 pts (Deff Rolla; Red Paint Job; Big Shoota x1)

15 Gretchin, 55 pts
   1 Runtherd

1 Battlewagon, 135 pts ('Ard Case; Boarding Plank; Deff Rolla; Big Shoota x1)

1200 Pts - Codex: Orks Roster - Team Tourney "Wing and a Prayer"

1 Weirdboy, 85 pts ( Warlord; Warphead)

1 Weirdboy, 85 pts (Warphead)

1 Dakkajet, 130 pts (Fighta Ace; TL Supa Shoota)

1 Dakkajet, 130 pts (Fighta Ace; TL Supa Shoota)

1 Dakkajet, 130 pts (Fighta Ace; TL Supa Shoota)

29 Boyz, 210 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)

29 Boyz, 210 pts (Shootas; Big Shoota x2)
   1 Boyz Nob (Bosspole; Big Shoota)

1 Aegis Defence Lines, 70 pts (Comms Relay)

5 Lootas, 75 pts

5 Lootas, 75 pts

It's a pretty standard Ork contingent. It takes advantage of the team tournament format allowing two sides of the army to call separate WAAGH!s, so the Dakkajets can use theirs for shooting and the Battlewagons can use theirs for assaulting.

Our opponents were as follows:

Round 1: Necrons and CSM with standard mechanized Necrons, a night scythe, 2 Heldrakes, and a smattering of other things including a big squad of bikes.   This list gave us the biggest challenge.  The bikes had a lot of momentum right off the bat and chewed up a mob of boyz.  Only the new fearless rules saved the second squad from destruction.  The Meganobz and Mad Doc ate far more than their cost in points.  The Dakkajets were actually rather lackluster in this game.  We successfully moved the big squads of boyz out into the field 18" before the Heldrakes came on, thus robbing them of the destruction of our Lootaz when they came on.   Spreading out with maximum distance unit cohesion IS annoying, but necessary when fighting Heldrakes.

Round 2: Space Marines and Tau with the standard fare of tau and a Kahn list. This was our easiest game, but still very fun.  We had a Hammer & Anvil deployment with a 5-objective Big Guns Never Tire.  I risked placing my Battlewagons in a forward position behind cover. The gamble paid off because even if our opponents had killed all the battlewagons, they could never have taken us because we had taken or contested their objectives thanks to our violent assaults.

Round 3: chaos Daemons and Orks with fateweaver, flamers, screamers, horrors, boyz, big meks, and dakkajets.  This was our most fun game.  Again, utilizing the full 2" unit cohesion is annoying and time-consuming, but absolutely necessary.  As usual, Fateweaver took nearly all of our 2nd round shooting and ran home crying.  This was a tough battle as I made a few target priority mistakes and also deployed Mad Doc in front of the wrong unit.  We did manage to squeak it out in the end.

As usual, we had a great time at Dirty Goblin Games in Queensbury, New York.  I hope to make it to the singles tournament later in the month.

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