Monday, January 14, 2013

Batrep - 1850 Versus Blood Angels

I had a great time playing JamesI with his deepstriking Blood Angels led by Dante.

We played an 1850 game. The game was Big Guns Never Tire and deployment was Vanguard Strike.  We usually deploy terrain using the Alternating style, but this was an Adepticon training game, so we did a more even placement of terrain.

I found out later I'd cheated him a bit with my points. I should not have had Deffrollas on my Battlewagons, but they never came into play during the game. Sorry, James! This is why I think it's funny when people complain about Army Builder being inaccurate.  It's far more accurate than I am!

I deployed my battlewagons bravely and the Boyz and Lootas cowardly.

James deploys a squad of Assault Marines with Librarian and Apothecary, a squad of Sanguinary Guard, and two squads of Bikes in a standard counter-counter assault formation.  

The vanilla approach for this is to zoom forward, have the wagon destroyed by the bikes, then I assault the bikes as they approach while the jump troops hang back for the counter-assault.  I have no choice but to fall prey to this with Mad Doc, but the other two battlewagons fall back to defend our lines from the deepstrikers and the aircraft coming in.

On turn 2 I also manage to keep the Dakkajets and Grots from arriving with the Comms Relay.  I absolutely love this piece of equipment.

The bikes did manage to disable the Battlewagon and I didn't bother going for the tertiary charge target of the Assault Marines. I figured I'd just take my licks.

I consolidate as far from my lines as I can get with every model.  Every inch helps.  Hopefully, Mad Doc Drillteef and his men can hold off the enemy long enough for the rest of the army to make off with the objectives.

His Stormravens zoom in.  I painted the Death Company one.

Dante and his squad drop into my lines.  They will destroy that battlewagon and kill seven boyz inside.

James shoots us up and assaults.

I make some saves.

Unfortunately, I miss with ALL BUT ONE POWER KLAW ATTACK!  In the end, there is one Nob and Mad Doc with 2 wounds left.

The boyz assault Dante's Squad.  His Assault Marines are very unlucky with their saves.  Only Dante, a sarge with a Power Fist and the Priest survive.

 They hit & run out of combat and I consolidate.

The Dakkajets come in, again, thanks to the Comms Relay.  We kill one Storm Raven and the Lootaz force a locked velocity on the other.  Mad Doc survives combat one more round.

We assault into dante who has destroyed some Lootas.

The Boyz in the yellow battlewagon shift over to one of the Objectives on James's side of the table.

The marines finally take out Mad Doc.  The Meganobz TOTALLY did their job in this battle tying up a very dangerous unit with flamers in it.

The assault marines take some potshots at one of my Dakkajets.

The Storm Raven came back on from ongoing reserves and destroys a Battlewagon for another victory point, but had to zoom off the board due to locked velocity and the fact that it was better for him bring it on again turn 6 (if we had one) and try to go for my Warlord.

Sadly, the game ended on turn 5.  I held 3 objectives, killed 1 heavy support, and got all three secondary objectives.  James had killed two heavy support.  The game ended 13-3.

I think this was a good list to try out for Adepticon, but I want to try some other units. I am still convinced that I can make Stormboyz do something awesome for me.  Also, I think replacing the Lootaz with a squad of Lobbas is in order for the next game.

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